Best Penis Extenders 2023. The Top penis stretchers Review

#1. Quick Extender Pro

The best penis traction device in 2023

The innovative device the Quick Extender Pro is a high-quality, effective, and safe penis extender that is designed to stimulate the enlargement of the penis. A unique patented DSS system allows you to increase the size of the penis in the shortest possible time.

Quick Extender Pro Before and After Pictures

The system ensures uniform traction along the entire length of the penis, which contributes to obtaining an unsurpassed final result.

The principle of operation of the  Quick Extender Pro is quite simple. The penis is placed in unique fixing rings, which reliably hold the organ. The metal rods located on each side are set in such a position that ensures the maximum extension of the penis.

Quick Extender Pro brief review:

Money back guarantee: 180 days
Success rate: 95%
Unique features: Double Strap Support System, Medical Grade Comfort Pads
Benefits: fast and comfortable penis enlargement (1-3 inches), penis curvature correction, harder erections, and better stamina
Years on the market: 10+
Customers: 450 000
Materials: Non-allergic and high quality
First/max results: 30 days (6%)/180 days (36%)
Prices: $119.93(Value Edition), $179.93(Deluxe standard), $349.93(Deluxe Limited)
Manufacturer: Innova Tech Design(USA)
Shipping: International Shipping Available(Standard/Express)
Discount coupon: QEP15 (15% OFF)
Official store:

Why Choose Quick Extender Pro? Results(Before/After)

With the regular wearing of the Quick Extender Pro device, the length, and volume of the penis increase. Its curvature is eliminated, while the quality of the user’s sex life becomes many times better. There is a stronger and more powerful erection, potency increases, and as a result, both partners are able to reach an unprecedented orgasm in bed. Furthermore, the man’s self-esteem is raised, and he will feel more confident in his strength and sexual energy. His psycho-emotional state significantly improves.

All of the above results(Before and After) can only be achieved with regular daily wear. The duration of the entire course using the Quick Extender Pro is six months if worn every day for 8 hours.

Do not stop at the moment when the first positive results are seen, just because they may already be visible only a month after the start of use. You can find a lot of customer results with before and after pictures on male enhancement forums.

The Quick Extender Pro is a compact penis enlargement device that is convenient and practical. A man can safely put on an extender and go to work, the movies, or travel by car. Wearing a penis extender does not cause discomfort or painful sensations.

Before and After Pictures

The Quality of Materials Used

The Quick Extender Pro manufacturer is a famous American developer (Innova Tech) who for many years has been producing high-quality and effective devices for stimulating penile enlargement.

During the production process of the Quick Extender Pro, the company has used only medically safe raw materials that are not capable of irritating, causing allergic manifestations on the skin surface, or other negative consequences.

Quick Note
The Quick Extender Pro consists of reliable and robust metal rods, which the user can adjust depending on the current parameters of his penis. The penis fixators are made of non-toxic plastic, the surface of which is rubberized.

Quick Extender Pro Packages

Let’s consider the main collection of packages that have been released by this American brand:

  • The Deluxe Limited Edition is a full package, which includes rods of various lengths, a set of spare parts, three packs of vegetable-based pills to stimulate the enlargement of the penis, and a disc with video instructions.
    Price: $349.93. 
  • The Deluxe Standard Edition is a standard set of springs, rods, and spare parts. The collection includes one package of biologically active food supplements and detailed video instructions.
    Price: $179.93.
  • The Value Edition is a starter extender pack without pills and video instructions.
    Price: $119.93.
  • The Curvature & Peyronie’s Correction Edition is a powerful package that includes tension strings and medical-grade memory foam to fix both Peyronie’s disease and penis curvature.
    Price: $179.99. 

As you can see, all packages have different contents, and accordingly, their price will differ significantly.

Safety and Warranty

Safety and quality assurance is confirmed by certificates and relevant documentation, which was issued during laboratory and clinical trials.

Where to Buy the Best Penis Extender in 2022

Let’s highlight some essential factors the consumer will appreciate if he orders from the manufacturer through the official website:

  • Only original certified products, which have a top level of efficiency and safety
  • Quality assurance
  • Regular promotions and discounts, allow you to save money
  • The helpful assistance of specialists when you choose the right model
  • News, detailed reviews(before and after results), and regular updating of the product choices

Medical Approval

The first confirmation of the medical suitability of the Quick Extender Pro is the availability of numerous certificates that were obtained during clinical and laboratory studies.

There is a vast amount of reliable information about the safety and effectiveness of the device, including competent reviews of medical specialists.

 If you want the size of your penis to be worthy of women’s attention and return to full sex life, then the innovative penis extender will help to make all dreams come true. 

#2. PeniMaster PRO

My Personal Penimaster Video Review

In the modern market, there is a vast number of penis extenders that are designed to promote the enlargement of the penis. However, among such a wide range, one can distinguish a truly innovative novelty, the PeniMaster PRO, which has one distinctive feature.

The system of geometric fixation to the glans of the penis. This provides more reliable support for the penis, as well as effective stretching.

Like any other penis extender, the PeniMaster PRO stretches the cavernous tissues of the penis through traction. Over time, cellular tissues become elastic and more flexible to external influences. And this, in turn, provides an increase in the size of the penis.

What Are the Expected Results?

The manufacturer claims that along with an increase in the size of the penis, a man receives some additional advantages:

  • More powerful erections
  • Increased potency
  • Alignment of penile curvature
  • Boost in self-confidence, sexual power, and energy
  • Enhanced libido, orgasms becoming more intense

The duration of the course of the PeniMaster PRO penis traction device is from 6 to 8 months. Here, everything depends on the physiological features of the user’s body and on correctly wearing the extender.

With daily wear of 8 to 10 hours per day, the consumer can expect to receive all the above results. Click here to learn more.

The Quality of Materials

The PeniMaster PRO penis enlargement device is one of the best on the market. It’s manufactured by the famous German company MSP Concept, which has been producing such devices for an extended period.

Quick Note

The PeniMaster PRO extender is made of safe and environmentally friendly materials that comply with all medical standards and norms. Practical plastic and rubber, as well as sturdy metal, all significantly prolong the lifetime of the extender. The refractory ring includes reliable springs, which retain their quality for a long time.

The PeniMaster PRO Package

In contrast to most similar devices, the PeniMaster PRO has a single standard package, which consists of the following elements:

  • Extender with rods, springs, and retainers
  • Written instructions
  • Video instructions

The price for the complete set is $381.21 or €329Click here to order the Penimaster PRO.

Safety and Warranty


Laboratory and clinical studies have repeatedly confirmed the safety and effectiveness of the PeniMaster PRO. More information about this can be found on the official website of the manufacturer. MSP Concept guarantees to all its customers the highest quality of the product.

It is strictly forbidden to wear the PeniMaster PRO penis extender at night. While sleeping, the penis sensitivity decreases, so the man may not feel any such strong tension, which may result in injury or undesired negative consequences.

Advantages of Buying the PeniMaster PRO

On the official website of the manufacturer, customers purchase the goods at an affordable price, which can be reduced through regular promotions and discounts. The manufacturer guarantees the authenticity of its product, as well as a high degree of safety and efficiency.

 The advantage of using the PeniMaster PRO: stretching is a painless procedure that does not cause uncomfortable sensations. Minimal reported complications mean that the device appeals to a full range of users. 

Medical Facts

The primary evidence of the high degree of safety and efficiency of the PeniMaster PRO expander is the quality certificates obtained by the manufacturer during clinical trials.

On the official site, you can find a tremendous amount of consumer reviews and comments from medical professionals regarding the functioning of the penis extender. Numerous doctor recommendations inspire credibility for all potential consumers.

The PeniMaster PRO is one of the best penis extenders for men who want to increase the size of their penis, as well as improve the quality of their intimate life. This easy-to-use extender allows for the man, in a relatively short period, to achieve the desired results. If you are tired of perpetual frustration and anxiety in bed, then right now, order the PeniMaster PRO extender, which will provide a substantial impact in eliminating your current problems of an intimate nature.

#3 SizeGenetics

A Popular Penis Stretching Device


The problem of having a small penis affects one in every three modern men. Today, there are a considerable number of ways to help increase the size of the genitals: surgery, taking biologically active food supplements, or using individual devices like penis pumps and penis extenders.

One of the universal ways to stimulate penis enlargement is the use of penis stretchers.

Compact SizeGenetics packages are characterized by simplicity, affordable prices, high-quality materials. It is ideal for those who, in addition to increasing the size of their penis, want to improve sexual function.

This device has helped millions of men around the world get rid of common complexes and manifestations of erectile dysfunction.

When Will I See Results with SizeGenetics?

We note that in the process of using the SizeGenetics penis extender, the man experiences the following positive effects:

  • A more powerful and prolonged erection
  • Boosted potency
  • Increased libido
  • Self-confidence rises and you feel your sexual power
  • Penis size increases in girth and length
  • The curvature of the penis is eliminated

My Personal SizeGenetics Video Review

Many users are interested in the question: How long will it take to get positive results? Here, everything depends on the individual physiological characteristics of the user’s body, as well as the correct use of the extender.

The duration of applying the device to the penis should not be less than 8 hours per day. The product should only be worn during the daytime. The full course of treatment is from 6 to 8 months.

Note that wearing the SizeGenetics should only be carried out during the daytime. Its compact build makes it invisible under clothing. During wear, the user should not experience painful and uncomfortable sensations. If these are present, immediately remove the device and adjust it according to the instructions.

Manufacturer and Quality of Materials Used

The manufacturer of this universal and safe penis extender is the company DanaMedic ApS. Only safe medical materials are used in the process of producing the SizeGenetics penis enlargement device and are not capable of causing irritation and allergic reactions on the skin of the penis.

High-quality steel plated with gold, safe plastic which does not contain toxic components, and stiff springs, regulating the force of stretching – all these are central features of the SizeGenetics. This is the best penis extender from a safety point of view.

SizeGenetics Models

DanaMedic ApS. currently produces a wide range of penis extenders, all of which are aimed at solving a particular problem.

In the SizeGenetics category, three packages might interest a man who has the issue of small penis size. A distinctive feature of the packages is their configuration:

  1. Ultimate System. You will be able to increase your penis size by 0.2 inches every month of usage. It’s the best package available.
    Price: $299.95. 
  2. Comfort Package is an extended edition, which consists of a full set of rods, additional design elements, a ruler, a set of latches, a storage case, and detailed instructions.
    Price: $249.95. 
  3. Value Edition includes a basic set of rods, the extender itself, and a set of fasteners and instructions. The cost depends on the contents of the set.
    Price: $199.95. 
  4. Curvature and Peyronie’s Edition – this is a perfect package to rid of Peyronie’s Disease without any pain or discomfort.
    Price: $299.95.

Safety and Warranty

Using the SizeGenetics device is completely safe for a man’s body and health. Minimal reported complications mean that the device appeals to a full range of users.

In the process of using the extender, there are practically no side effects, which again indicates its safety and effectiveness.

The manufacturer of SizeGenetics guarantees a high consumer quality, as well as the efficiency and safety of the goods. In the unlikely case of experiencing no positive effects, the manufacturer is obliged to refund the money to the consumer.

Advantages of Buying a SizeGenetics

To all who want to buy a high-quality and effective extender for the penis, we recommend you make a purchase only on the website of the manufacturer. This way, you as the consumer protect your rights by buying the original product.

On the manufacturer’s website, you can see a detailed overview of the device, which reveals its features, efficiency, safety, and other criteria.

Clinical Facts

SizeGenetics is a patented device that has been modified and improved several times over the years. Therefore, today, we have a genuinely useful device that meets all international safety standards and quality standards.

Medical Facts About the SizeGenetics

The primary evidence of the high quality and efficiency of the SizeGenetics extender is the multiple laboratory and clinical studies, the reliability of which is confirmed by the corresponding certificates.

On the official website, you can view all the current articles of qualified medical specialists, which attest to the effectiveness and safety of the device.

It is time to stop using ineffective drugs, the effect of which comes only a year after the start of treatment. Today, it is much easier to increase the penis size using the highly effective SizeGenetics.


So, when we talk about the best penis extender, we must immediately say that the stretching of the penis really works according to official clinical studies. Today, penis enlargement devices are recommended by doctors after penis enlargement surgeries, as they can speed up rehabilitation.

Not many people know that penis extenders themselves can enhance male potency, erections and stretch a penis up to 4 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.

You can familiarize yourself with the results of several studies conducted in 2002, 2011, and 2013. Each of them is published on the pages of authoritative publications.

After examining the medical facts, you can be 100% sure that this technique works and it remains only for the choice of a suitable device for you.

In this review, we will talk about the best stretchers on the market, they differ in their operating principle, technology, design. You can choose a different design, created for your comfort. Frankly, everything is very individual here.

To choose an extender you need to know only one thing – there are only 5 of the most popular devices on the market that everyone buys. This is due to the fact that they:

  • Have been present on the market for more than 10 years
  • There are thousands of reviews on the forums for penis enlargement
  • They are made in the USA or Europe
  • There are real clinical studies on them
  • They are recommended by doctors
  • They are made of medical materials
  • They are guaranteed to work and give results
  • Each of these extenders gives no side effects if you follow the instructions

Vacuum or rod penis stretchers – which one to choose?

There are 2 types of penis extenders on the market, which are now also mixed types. Let’s talk about vacuum adhesion technology first

What penis enlargement device to choose?

Best Penis Extender 2023. Best Penis Stretchers

Penis stretchers like Penimaster the PRO and Phallosan Forte, which are produced in Germany, make it possible with the help of the vacuum chamber to hold the penis there, which is located in a condom. Those. in fact, there is no contact of the mucous membrane of the penis with the vacuum, since its effect is directly on the condom.

At the same time, the head of the penis is securely held in it. Next, you are offered options for attaching the extender to the body using a special strap.

Why is penis traction effective?

The fact is that vacuum devices can be used longer, which means you can use the penis craving longer so that it grows. The basic rule for penis growth using stretching is the gentle application of traction over an extended period of time with the desired traction settings.

If you do everything correctly, the cells of the tissue of the penis begin to divide and the resulting micro-cracks are pulled by new cells. Those, your brain receives a signal that there is a certain resistance in this part of the body, and in this place, additional tissue growth begins. This is an opportunity to physically increase the size of your penis.

Another important feature of these penis enlargement devices is that they can be used during sleep. Since these devices do not have aluminum or metal rods, they can not harm your penis in any way if you change your position during sleep. A device like Phallosan Forte is designed so that during sleep you can not damage your penis. A strap mount is used there, and the head of the penis is held in a special vacuum chamber.

Many men prefer to use such a penis traction device during sleep, while the sleep itself is comfortable and for 6-8 hours you can stretch a member. This is very effective if you correctly set the traction. You achieve results much faster.

What are the disadvantages of using vacuum penis stretchers?

In fact, one minus is softer traction and stretching of the penis. Because of this, you need more time for this procedure than with rigid rod extenders. But just recently, Phallosan Forte released a special console for its extender and called it Phallosan Forte Plus.

This prefix is ​​rigid – it is a system of rods that fixes the penis on the body and enhances its traction. Since the head of the penis is firmly held in the vacuum chamber, it remains only to create the correct stiffness and strengthen the traction, which was impossible to do before using the strap mount. Imagine only the 4.8 kg pressure force that can be achieved with this attachment.

Now Phallosan Forte Plus can be safely called the most powerful device on the market, its invention is patented and so far no one has the opportunity to repeat it. Those. you actually get a vacuum rod device, which is a symbiosis of a vacuum and rod extender, combining all the best of these technologies.

I would strongly recommend buying Phallosan Forte Plus, as it is the latest and most powerful development in the field of penis extenders.

Rod Extenders

This type of extender is a classic and its best representative for today can be called Quick Extender Pro. This technology is considered classic, its first representative was Jex Extender. This device was developed 20 years ago by DanaMedic, after which penis stretchers such as SizeGenetics and Male Edge became iconic in the world due to their exceptional design, efficiency, and safety.

Today, these devices are definitely recommended for purchase, but let’s return to the technology of stretching the penis using such extenders.

So, in this case, we are talking about attaching the penis to a special base with a strap or silicone tube. In the first case, you use the strap to securely fasten it, in the second you create a loop using a silicone tube and tighten it so that it is comfortable for you, but the penis does not pop out of the loop.

Further, the design provides for the installation of aluminum rods in accordance with the length of your penis. At the base of the rods, there are special springs that are responsible for the tension. Using the screws you can set the correct tension level for yourself so that you feel comfortable, but you feel the pull.

The resulting rigid structure creates really constant and strong tension, due to which the process of penis enlargement is faster than in the case of using vacuum extenders. In this case, you should take breaks in wearing the device, since the created tension on the penis can cause certain side effects.

Usually, such an extender can be worn without taking off for up to 2 hours, then you need to take a break and another 2 hours. In case you get used to it, it is advisable to wear the extender for another 1 hour.

The disadvantages of such devices are that the loop or strap is not anatomically correct, so as not to create friction with the head of the penis. Because of this, hematomas can occur, the device cannot be worn for a long time and pain occurs.

On the other hand, such a rigid structure provides effective stretching of the penis. It’s up to you to decide whether such devices suit you.

I would recommend that you start stretching your penis with the purchase of a vacuum device, but in fact, if you purchase Phallosan Forte Plus, you definitely will not need other stretchers.

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