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https://clinicalnewsfeed.com/ is a like-minded project on male and female sexual health. We are journalists and specialists in the field of urology, male potency.

On our pages, you will find current information about the products you are interested in – extenders, pumps, bio-additives. We ourselves test each product, conduct clinical studies, and recommend products that can change your life for the better.

Our main task is to provide independent peer review while advertising drives sales to brands. We are trying to find out the real value of a product for your health. We analyze current facts, product history, reviews about it, official information.

We shoot video reviews that fully represent the product and its capabilities. The choice is yours. We try to keep objective journalism and are always open to new ideas. If you want to write for our publication, please send a request and we will consider it.

Today, thousands of health blogs have been created that have no benefit to the end-user. They all copy each other and place the same context, the same official slogans of products. We try to dilute this monotony with really high-quality peer reviews.

We have been doing this for many years now and our audience regularly communicates with us, reads new reviews and watches videos. Join us!

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All products on the site are tested by our journalists and experts. Extenders, pills to increase the penis and increase erection, dietary supplements to increase sperm count, as well as pills that relieve premature ejaculation.

All of these products are obtained by our experts and tested. You have the opportunity to verify the effectiveness of those extenders that are presented on our website. To make full-fledged reviews and express our opinion, we used them for 6-8 months. Now we can say for sure that you can achieve significant results using such devices as Phallosan Forte, SizeGentics, Male Edge, Penimaster PRO.

All these are high-quality products tested by real doctors, many clinical tests confirm their effectiveness.

We started blogging at https://clinicalnewsfeed.com/ in 2018 and over the past two years we have been collecting feedback from our visitors who purchased sexual health products after reading our reviews.

All this helped us to collect a maximum of data on how best to use the products, which ones are really worth buying, and how best to use them to get the maximum result.

We set a goal – to provide an independent expert evaluation of sexual health products. Official information presented on manufacturers’ websites does not reflect the real essence of the use of extenders and bio-additives.

Our readers are much more interested to know the feedback from real users and experts than the dry facts and advertising slogans. Our project was created by journalists and adhering to the rules of journalism, we write exclusively about facts and express our point of view, which may differ from the official one.

From our site we removed reviews of those products that have compromised themselves. Some did not mention the side effects, others hid the facts about the composition of the formula or the materials from which the extenders were made. All this is documented by our journalists. We decided to collect on our site the most effective and well-known products that naturally improve men’s sexual health.