My HydroXtreme7 Pump Review and Results(Before/After)+Video


The Bathmate Hydroxtreme Review and Results (Before/After)

Bathmate hydro pump is leading the market of such products and is widely used by many satisfied men worldwide. Hydromax Series of penis pumps are the top product of the line, and these pumps are characterized by many great features.

These penis pumps are correctly labeled as best penis enlargement devices in the world because of the great benefits they bring to men. If you want to enlarge your penis by using the top quality product successfully, then you should choose Bathmate HydroXtreme as your primary penis enlargement method

Why Bathmate?

Regarding the benefits that you can expect to get from Bathmate Hydroxtreme, they are numerous, according to customer reviews. First of all, with these pumps, you can expect to get very hard erections that will boost your confidence and will make you last longer in bed.

Quick note
Your penis length and girth will also increase with regular usage, and one of the things that makes Bathmate Hydromax great is the fact that affects your entire penis.

Other benefits from the penis pumps include increased blood flow and better circulation, additional growth of penis tissue, and no side effects or possible injuries.

All in all, the Bathmate hydro pump is the ideal penis pump for any man.

Compare Bathmate HydroXtreme Benefits

Bathmate Hydromax is made of high-quality materials that are very skin-friendly. It provides huge comfort when wearing it, so you would hardly even feel it when wearing the pump. The product is strong, and you can use it for many years to come.

Another great thing about these pumps in comparison with others is the fact that they do not require that big of maintenance like the others. Also the vacuum these pumps create by using water is much more effective than the standard air vacuum used by other pumps on the market.


When these penis enlargement pumps first appeared on the market, their main purpose was to serve as an aid for erectile dysfunction problems. They proved to be very efficient in that because all men that have used Bathmate Hydroxtreme claim that their erections have significantly improved.

Does it Really Work?

The results of using this pump are excellent, so if you are looking for a device with which you can achieve harder and maintain longer erections, then Bathmate is the top choice. It is better to invest in a quality and reliable tool then to experiment with other less effective options.

Many satisfied customers have witnessed positive Bathmate reviews and claim that their erections and penis length have significantly improved over time. It really works and provides impressive penis enlargement results.

How to Use Bathmate Hydroxtreme?

These pumps come with very detailed and understandable instructions and reviews, so you will have no problems using the device:

  • Beginners should start slowly applying pressure before fully adjusting and getting used to the penis pump, but that goes pretty quickly. Water from the pump will relax your penis immediately, and you will feel more comfortable wearing and use this hydro-based pump than the conventional air pumps.
  • If you want to avoid expensive surgical procedures or taking prescription pills for penis enlargement, it is advisable you give these penis enlargement devices a try.
  • There are numerous good reasons why you should use them, and the manufacturers claim that you will see pretty good results in a few months’ time.
  • Patience and discipline are required if you want to experience the biggest benefits from Bathmate Hydroxtreme pumps, so be persistent, and good results will come.

Where to Buy Bathmate?

You can purchase Bathmate from the official store and pay the fair price. There are many benefits to this action:

  • You buy the original product directly from the manufacturer;
  • You can save money and avoid resellers’ commissions;
  • Your Bathmate Pump will be delivered to your home address in any country;
  • You receive full customer support 24/7;
  • You can get a 3-year warranty and money-back guarantee.

It’s worth to buy this pump from the official site securely after reading these reviews

Hydroxtreme Before and After Results Reviewed

Did you know?
It’s important to see how Bathmate hydro pump works by watching the before and after pictures and videos. Men share their results on their own blogs, on Youtube and forums.

Visit the official site, to get more information here

We shot this Bathmate HydroXtreme pump review to finally dispel all the myths around it and specifically analyze the technology, the actual results, the principle of operation, and we can say for sure whether it works or not as a tool #1 in the world for penis enlargement.

Who is this review for? Let’s immediately define.

Right here in this review, you will learn the easiest, fastest and proven way to make your penis longer and wider permanently, and also get rid of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and enhance your sexual stamina.

What is this pump for? To stretch the penis in length and girth, as well as to stimulate your erectile activity. This tool helps to restore your flow of sexual energy, make it manageable and physiologically powerful.

This pump helps men achieve maximum strength, long-lasting erections and cum with an incredible orgasm and even a few. This is your #1 fitness machine. How you ever survived without it before? How could you buy any other pump when there is a Bathmate. It is a little more and you will learn.

About quick results: Bathmate is really the most effective way to enlarge a penis and strengthen an erection that works right after the first use. That moment motivates most men.

Which Bathmate Pump is The Best Today?

Bathmate HydroXtreme is a penis enlargement pump that enhances erection and sexual stamina. No other vacuum or hydro pump in the world can match the Bathmate – it is safe, powerful and effective.

Its main benefit and feature are the use of a Handball for hand pumping. Moreover, you can use auto mode or connect a Handball. The pump is multifunctional and gives the best result due to the possibility of increasing pressure using a Handball.

Quick Note
Besides, only the Hydroxtreme pump can be used even without water and it will remain efficient and safe.

In this review, we will talk about the safest penis pump that can solve almost all problems with your sex drive, erection, and penis size.

I have already watched dozens of videos about this pump from clients, bloggers, official representatives and could not get valuable information for myself, and answer simple questions that concern all men interested in penis pumping.

In this video, you will find all your questions and answers to them about safe pumping and the best device for it.

I have been writing reviews for different sites for more than 17 years and have written many reviews of the Bathmate pump, but for the first time I decided to write about my own experience of using the pump and even record a video, as I receive many questions in the comments regarding the effectiveness of using Bathmate.

Doubts, Myths, Prejudices, and Fear About Penis Enlargement

The main reason for doubts about the penis pumping is a pattern that the penis pump can only promote erection and it does not help to enlarge the penis, especially on a permanent basis. This is a myth that we dispel immediately.

 Bathmate not only helps to normal erectile function but also stretches the penis in length and girth. Moreover, the penis enlarges also in the soft state too. And this is a medical fact proven by laboratory testing. You can read in detail on medical sites how penis stretching and penis pumping work .

Ordinary vacuum pumps are already old-fashioned and an unjustified risk that you no longer need to take. And the Bathmate cannot be compared to any air pump, as other devices are significantly poorer in terms of quality and efficiency.

So many sex shops today and marketplaces sell vacuum pumps – there are hundreds of types, they are all the same and cost $30. So, what’s the Bathmate and what way it is different from others? The time has come for new medical technologies that are making a revolution right now and breaking stereotypes.

What methods of penis enlargement and erection enhancement were known before 2006 when Bathmate was born?

They work only for the erection enhancement and give a temporary effect. I recommend using VigRx Plus to boost the erection together with pumping. But as an independent solution, the pills are not very effective.
Techniques for penis enlargement
They work, but they need to be practiced; there is no single strategy on how they work and how long to use them.

The simplest techniques offered directly in the user’s manual that goes with the pump. We recommend using them on a level with a pump to enhance the effect.

Really work, but they should be worn for 6-9 hours a day for 5-6 months and the only result increases in the width, but not in the length of the penis. In this case, improvement in erection is questionable too. Moreover, extenders may have side effects such as penis hematomas, rub soft skin on the penis, or even lead to more unpleasant consequences – capillary ruptures.

If you still decide to try an extender – pay attention to Quick Extender Pro. That device is very convenient, safe and effective.

Vacuum pumps
Men buy vacuum pumps so far, not realizing that they are risking the health of their penis. Vacuum pumping techniques are very dangerous and in 80% of cases do not give the desired result.

The air pumps are replaced by hydro pumps that can smooth out the effect of stretching the tissues and microtraumas and evenly strengthen the erection and stretch the tissues of the penis. If you still firmly decided to buy a vacuum pump – try X4Labs Male Power Pump.

I promise you that after watching 10 minutes of this video, you will save 300 hours of studying materials on how Bathmate works. It is effective and safe for health. Today you invest time in your new sex life.

You will feel like the best lover and drastic changes in communication with women. Your marriage life will forever change and you can make it 100% full. That’s what it was like when I started to use hydro pump!

So, in this Hydromax review that I shot for you by ordering a HydroXtreme pump and trying it on myself, you will find out:

  1. What is this pump and how does it differ from ordinary vacuum pumps, which are sold at every step.
  2. The result of the pumping, my own impressions.
  3. Taking pills and exercises.
  4. Prospects in the results from the use of the pump.
  5. What is the difference between Hydro 7 original, Bathmate Hydromax, and Bathmate HydroXtreme?
  6. How to choose the right pump for yourself and make no mistake? Size, use, technology.
  7. What are the advantages of this pump over other hydro pumps?
  8. What accessories can be purchased for a pump?
  9. What do users say about it?
  10. Safety, side effects, warranty, delivery, packaging.
  11. Where and how to order a pump from the manufacturer with no extra charges?

So, first of all, I’m the one with the most powerful Bathmate pump now from the HydroXtreme series. Its price is $299 and it is not just justified, because the benefits of it are simply priceless. This is your investment in a new sex life.

Let me explain why I choose this particular pump.

Did You Know?
Unlike other Bathmate series (Hydromax and Hydro 7), HydroXtreme also has a handball that helps control the pressure on the penis, instead of the auto mode that is built into the pump (with valve).

What is it for? Bathmate HydroXtreme allows you to achieve simply unrealistic results in penis length and girth enlargement because you can constantly increase the pressure, thereby stretching the dick to the maximum.

The principle of penis enlargement through pumping is quite simple – the higher and more frequent the pressure on the tissues and cells of the penis – the more it stretches.

The only thing that matters is control over this process. Cell division occurs as a result of micro traumas and the purpose of the Bathmate is to prevent injury to the penis tissue by automatically controlling the pumping process.

How to make pumping safe using a handball? Everything is simple With Bathmate HydroXtreme – you must rely on your feelings; the pumping should always be comfortable – then it is safe. Any painful feelings are not allowed!

Someone might say that it is dangerous, but not with HydroXtreme. Of course, a beginner is better not to start using the pump with a handball, you can connect it later. But the trick is that the technology of Bathmate pumping, even in manual mode is as safe as possible.

The pressure on the penis is gently applied and you can easily feel how to work with pressure and it is completely safe.

First Impressions

I want to immediately say about my first impressions of the pump after I opened the package. It looks unreal quality.

Quick Note
Unlike other pumps, the package includes a high-quality anti-shock bag with a zipper. It is black without any indication of what is inside.

And inside this bag, there are convenient compartments for the pump components, user’s manual, the pump itself, the shower strap, hose, handball, ruler and other accessories.

The first thing you pay attention to is how each element of this product is qualitatively made; it is really made in the UK and it is really the most desired product for natural penis enlargement. This is so important when you trust the product you bought.

In my case, I am going to use HydroXtreme to enlarge my own penis. That is a very intimate moment and I do not trust my penis to a poor-quality device.

It should be noted that Bathmate did not save on the quality of materials used in the design of the pump. If you take any other pump, you will see the difference.

I would like to separately mention such an important accessory as the shower strap. It helps to attach the pump around the neck in such a way as to free your hands and calmly take a shower. Great idea, considering that you need to stand in the shower for 15 minutes, so why keep the pump in your hands all this time?


I was tormented by doubts as to whether I would decide to use this pump or immediately send it back. I can’t even imagine where this fear came from but there were too many complexes in my head and internally I condemned myself for wanting to enlarge my penis. What an absurdity, is it not?

In general, I must say that this public condemnation and ridiculing of men with a small penis formed a lot of complexes in me. At the same time, the very idea of increasing the cock size is a kind of taboo in society, a subject of ridicule, bullying, and so on.

In society, if you do not find support among those who are close to you including friends or relatives, that is another mechanism of pressure on you. But you need to understand, that only you know what you want and only you should go to your goal because you know why you are doing this.

There are 1000 reasons not to buy a Bathmate, each of which did not allow you to do this earlier. But there are other 1,000,000 reasons to buy a Bathmate and use it now because it will make you happier.

I ask myself only one question – why did I not order the Bathmtae earlier and did not try it at least once? Foolish fear and misunderstanding of how the product works and whether it is safe for my sexual health prevented me from starting decisive actions.

After all, all my entire adult life I really suffered from complexes about the size of the penis. Do I really not want to try a completely safe pumping using the best product in the world?

If there was any risk – but with the Bathmate HydroXtreme, I can fully rely on my feelings and trust the Bathmate technology. After all, I could not make up my whole life – but I did it, and I am sure you can do it too.

 Check out the forums for hundreds and thousands of Bathmate reviews on how other men respond to the Bathmate and you will definitely decide to buy right now .

I wonder how many times I tried to dissuade myself and looked for reasons not to buy a pump, and choose another device or a tablet. How strange a person is – we are looking for reasons not to do something that creates benefits for us. It is just simply because we are afraid, self-doubt, and insecure.

But if you do nothing and be indecisive – how to achieve the result? How to change your life? For me, sex is very important. My penis is a key player, and I want to enlarge it and feel relaxed with my partner.

I did it and now I can respect myself because my life is already beginning to change fundamentally for the better. Now I know how it is to have a long and thick cock.

What is Bathmate pump and how does it differ from ordinary vacuum pumps, which are sold at every step

First of all, it must be said that the Bathmate hydro pump is a unique device on the market. Here are its main differences from vacuum pumps:

The use of water
This pump uses water as a softening component. Water fills the flask of the pump and serves as an ideal penis protection during pumping. The pressure in the tube due to water becomes less dangerous, and it is better distributed along the entire length of the penis and its enlargement occurs evenly and affects not only the length but also the girth of the penis.
The pressure inside the tube is less strong than when using a vacuum pump. But this does not apply to the HydroXtreme model when in addition to the auto mode you get manual control of the pump pressure.

HydroXtreme 7 is the device we are considering today in my case. As a newbie, I initially used the non-handball mode, i.e. standard mode which also implemented in the Hydromax and Hydro 7 Original. But over time, I managed to appreciate the manual pumping.

When using a handball, I can control the load and thereby increase the effectiveness of pumping.

The Bathmate pump is much more expensive than any vacuum ones and this is justified by a whole complex of factors by which any of vacuum pumps cannot surpass it. Also, the HydroXtreme model can work without water and this is a feature of the HydroXtreme series.
HydroXtreme pumps are sold together with a special shockproof bag, as well as a special belt that helps to fix the pump on the body and wash freely without worrying about the need to keep the pump with your hand. No vacuum pump offers this technology.
No discomfort
Very often, vacuum pumps initially cause discomfort and sometimes men are even forced to abandon a particular pump because painful sensations arise when it is used.

With Bathmate it is not, and the pump does not cause discomfort so you quickly get used to it. It fits all. And most importantly – it does not give any side effects, which makes Bathmate pump # 1 in the world of penis enlargement.

Today, more than 1,000,000 men worldwide bought Bathmate – these are official statistics.

Side effects
The use of vacuum pumps sometimes leads to penile microtraumas, micro ruptures of blood vessels inside the penis. That often leads to problems with erection and other side effects (hematomas, discoloration of the skin).

That is why any result from using the air pump is not commensurate with the harm it can cause if it is used improperly or excessively. The Bathmate pump, by using water in its work, neutralizes the effects of any microtraumas.

Only Bathmate HydroXtreme almost immediately makes your erection incredible after use, and the penis is much larger than usual. If you want to show your sexual partner your big dick right now – just take a shower, use Bathmate and immediately have sex. The effect after using the Bathmate HydroXtreme is simply incredible.

How does Bathmate work? Is it a fairy tale about its effectiveness?

Today, a lot of Bathmate video reviews were shot on how the pump works and how to use it. The official instructions are very accurate. I will not repeat myself, but I will simply give links to the ready-made video instructions.

Quick Note
The way to use the Hydro 7 Original and Bathmate Hydromax pumps are the same, although the efficiency of the Hydromax is 30% higher than Hydro 7 Original.

But the HydroXtreme is different due to the fact that, in addition to standard functions, i.e. using the Bathmate’s general hydro pumping technology, there is also an additional technology called HydroXteme, which allows using the pump in the shower, in the bathroom and also without water (manual pumping with the help of a pear, which is included in the kit).

This is a fundamental difference between the HydroXtreme model and the other two series of pumps mentioned above and other hydro pumps in principle. It is worth noting that the use of the Bathmate pump in the shower and in the bathroom is different; there are two different user manuals that have a number of differences.

How to use the Bathmate pump in the shower and how it works:
  1. First, prepare the pump for use by opening its valve (center position).
  2. Next, attach the removable comfort pad to the gaiter so that the markings match.
  3. You can rotate the tube in relation to the gaiter so that the progress bar is visible.
  4. Before starting the procedure, take a hot shower and relax. This is an important condition for both safety and good results.
  5. Then, fill the pump with warm water while closing the valve from below with your hand.
  6. Next, place your penis in the tube and firmly press the device to your pubic area.
  7. Push the pump towards your pubis so that the valve is activated and the necessary pressure is formed inside the pump. The extra water will flow out through the valve.
  8. Now the pump is properly attached, the penis is in the tube, the pressure is adjusted and the pump is ready for operation.
  9. You can continue the pumping. Perform the same actions that you did to create pressure. This way, you can maintain the pressure in the chamber. It’s recommended to repeat the movements for 15 minutes (3 sessions, each of which lasts 5 minutes).
  10. Toggle the valve switch at the top of the pump to the closed (non-central) position. The pump will decompress, the pressure will drop and all the water will flow out of the tube.

Pumping In The Bathtub:

  1. Prepare the pump for use as described in the instruction above.
  2. Before pumping, lie down in the bathtub for at least 5 minutes so that you are fully relaxed.
  3. Next, immerse the pump in the water.
  4. Put the penis in the pump and press the device to your pubis with a steady movement. The pump should stick tightly against your pubis. The extra water will flow out of the valve, and you will feel the pressure building up inside the chamber.
  5. Repeat the pumping procedure (maintaining the pressure) for 15 minutes. Perform three 5-minute pumping sessions.
  6. Switch the valve at the top into the decompression position to relieve the pressure completely and remove the pump.

Pumping With Bathmate HydroXtreme

  1. Attach the red hose to the hand bulb that comes with the pump.
  2. Fix it in the attached position and check the connection between the hose and the bulb.
  3. Toggle the switch on the pump valve to the center position, thereby opening it for operation.
  4. Attach the second end of the red hose to the valve.
  5. Next, connect the comfort pad to the gaiter so that the markings match. Make sure the connection is tight.
  6. Immerse the device in the water if you intend to use it in the bathtub. If you’re in the shower, fill the pump with water by closing the valve with your hand.
  7. Next, put your penis into the pump and press the device firmly against your pubis to create a vacuum. The extra water will come out of the valve, regardless of whether you use the pump in the bathtub or in the shower.
  8. Now the pump is ready for use with the hand bulb. When you squeeze the bulb, water will flow out of it, as the valve is connected to the hose and the bulb.
  9. Don’t forget that you can also use the pump without the bulb. That’s the advantage of HydroXtreme over other Bathmate pumps. You can use the already familiar functions of the Bathmate pumping or connect additional accessories when you feel the need to enhance your results.
HydroXtreme is a pump for those who seek unlimited penis enlargement progress. With the help of manual pumping, you can strengthen the vacuum, which will enhance your results.

Many men use the pump regularly for more than 6 months or even a year. Those who start with other Bathmate series often purchase a HydroXtreme pump to improve upon their existing results.

But if you’re already determined to enlarge your penis safely, it’s better to buy HydroXtreme right away. Currently, the device is available at a good price, but it’s rising rather rapidly, along with the pump’s popularity.

My Results And Impressions From Pumping

You can listen to many Bathmate reviews about other men’s impressions from using the Bathmate pump. But it is only after you have a first-hand experience that you realize the sensations from pumping.

I want to say right away that I bought a pump not only to enlarge my penis. I also wanted to strengthen my potency, which began to weaken after 35 as a result of my stressful job, overworking, overwhelming household chores and family concerns, all of which had seriously damaged my libido.

I started going to the gym, but this alone had no effect on my potency. I realized I needed a different kind of exercising for my penis. I set the goal to regain strong erections and enlarge my penis. As a journalist, I am perfectly aware of what works in the market and I have no doubts as to what I am doing.

All of you are probably tormented by the same question: what results will I obtain and what will be the time frame? Everything is trivially simple: we set goals and we achieve them.

With the Bathmate HydroXtreme and the knowledge I had accumulated while working in the niche of sexual health products, I drew up an effective strategy. I intend to describe it in detail, as well as the results that I’ve already achieved.

I have been using the Bathmate HydroXtreme for 180 days, and I have a lot to share. When I read other Bathmate reviews of the pump, I compare their results with mine – and they are very similar.

The First Use

The most complicated and exciting moment was the first use of the pump. Everything seemed very unusual, as pumping was a new experience for me. I already knew everything about the process, but you begin to really understand it only when your penis is inside the pump and you feel the pressure.

Did I feel any discomfort? Not at all. It’s just a sensation of pressure, rather soft and not harsh. It feels as though something makes you get aroused very quickly.

Moments of re-pumping. It may seem that when the pump creates a vacuum once again, you feel some painful sensations. But in fact, the water inside the pump mitigates the impact, making it smooth and comfortable along the entire length of the penis. This is the secret technology of Bathmate.

Clinical Facts
You cannot enlarge the penis without using the forces of pressure and tension. The cells divide as the necessary micro-breaks occur inside the soft tissues.

There is nothing abnormal or unnatural about this. It is the same principle as with building muscle. The water completely eliminates the side effects or painful sensations, softening the pressure.

Results: In 15 minutes after the first pumping session, you can really see that your penis has enlarged in both length and girth as compared to the usual erections. This is truly surprising; I grabbed a ruler and measured the result: my penis was 7 mm longer than usual.

After the erection subsided, everything returned to normal. But I had already seen the first effect, which was crucial from the psychological point of view and motivated me to continue using the pump.

The next day, I did not experience any negative sensations in the penile area. Nor were there any reactions on the skin, such as reddening or bruising.

1 Week – The Crucial Period

During the initial week, the second and subsequent pumping sessions gave me the same sensations and results. I continued to use the pump carefully, following the manufacturer’s instructions. I engaged in pumping daily.

After a few days, I even used the special spray for cleaning the device. My movements became steadier; I stopped focusing on the sensations of my penis being under pressure.

On the 7th day, a smile was on my face when I started pumping while taking a shower. Immediately after the session, I decided to show my penis to my wife and ask if she’s down to get naughty. And I want to say: it was the best sex in a long time.

My erection remained strong for 15 minutes longer than usual. The wife said that my penis was very hard throughout the intercourse and appeared larger than usual.

Did You Know?
All this is due to the enhanced blood circulation inside the penis, which was a result of pumping.

I also highly recommend that you ask your sexual partner for a blowjob right after you’ve taken a shower with the Bathmate. The pumping boosts the sensitivity of the penis, which is especially noticeable during oral stimulation. And, of course, my orgasms became more vivid and pleasurable.

My wife and I have sex about 3-4 times a week, and the new sensations overwhelmed me on the 8th day of pumping. I do not know how to explain this, but my wife found herself able to experience not only clitoral but also vaginal orgasms. Perhaps it was due to the change in my psychological attitude or my newly gained confidence and stronger erections.

1-2 Months

A month later, I decided to employ an arsenal of additional methods to enhance my results, since it’s simply unreasonable to ignore them. The bag with the Bathmate pump contained a manual and a gel to facilitate various penis stretching exercises.

I’m talking about Jelqing and Kegels. Only 5 minutes of simple manipulations per day, and the effectiveness of your pumping will surge.

I measured my penis every day after using the pump, and also after the erection subsided.  After the first month, I observed an increase of about 1 cm in length and about 30 mm in girth . My erections were noticeably stronger and longer-lasting.

I purchased six bottles of the VigRx Plus tablets to try and consolidate the result and make it even more substantial.

VigRx Plus is the world’s most popular pill for enhancing erections, boosting sexual stamina, and improving sexual health. This natural remedy is the safest treatment option, so you can use the pills as a supplement to pumping.

After 2 months, my routine included doing the penis stretching exercises for 5 minutes a day and taking one VigRx Plus pill on a daily basis.

My strategy began to yield noticeable results after 4 months. During the third and fourth months, I saw no improvement, and this is normal. At some point, you’ll experience a slowdown in gaining the results, which can last for 1-2 months.

But  before the 4th month even came to an end, my penis had grown by another 1 cm in length and 0.2 cm in girth .

I want to point out that during the 4-8 months of using the pump, my results were improving progressively. I continued to do the penis stretching exercises regularly and take the VigRx Plus pills. In exactly 8 months, I realized I had achieved an impressive enlargement in both length and girth.

Overall, my penis had grown 3.5 cm longer and 1 cm thicker.

I am not going to stop at this point, for I’ve firmly decided to practice the penis enlarging techniques for a whole year.

Here’s a brief description of how my sexual life changed after I started caring about my sexual health and the size of my penis:

I’ve become capable of lasting longer in bed with my wife, by about 30-40 minutes. After ejaculation, a 15-minute break is enough to restore my stamina. Thus, now I can engage in sex for 2-3 hours in a row with 20-minute breaks.
How I feel
I’ve become more confident as a lover; my orgasms are now brighter and longer. I’ve never before been able to have sex more than twice in a row, no matter the duration of breaks.
How my partner feels
As a result of the enlargement of my penis, my wife now experiences vaginal orgasms more frequently. My erections are stronger, and so now I can give her much more pleasure.
Sex life
The quality of our sex life has surged. My wife’s libido has improved, she’s now more eager to have sex, as she gets to enjoy orgasms more often.

She frequently tells me how much my big and erect penis turns her on. According to her, sex is now often on her mind throughout the day.

For me, blowjobs are an important part of sex life. Every time before sex, I ask my wife to give me one, and now she agrees more often than not. She used to refuse a lot because she didn’t enjoy the prospect of having to suck a flaccid penis for a long while before an erection occurred.

Now, my penis is erect at the very thought of a blowjob, and I often experience orgasms during oral stimulation. Previously, I could never finish during a blowjob, so this is a new experience for me.

Sperm enhancement supplement
I take the Yummy Cum pills to make my sperm taste better. It’s important for me that my partner swallows the sperm. But everyone has their own sexual preferences; I’m only talking about mine.

Thanks to Bathmate, I can bring to life every single sexual fantasy of mine.

Anal sex
A stronger erection is the best option for practicing anal sex. If your penis is not firm enough, it’s not so easy to penetrate your partner’s anus – even with lube.

Previously, the anal sex with my wife lasted only 10 minutes. If the erection subsided, my penis immediately slipped out. Now I can receive incredible pleasure from anal sex; sometimes I do it right after pumping to enjoy the strongest emotions.

My wife and I have anal sex once a week for 30-40 minutes. The orgasm is especially bright if you finish inside your partner. Sometimes I manage to continue the frictions even after ejaculation. My sexual stamina has surged immensely.

Multiple orgasms
Before using the Bathmate pump, I had never experienced multiple orgasms. But after 8 months of regular pumping, I found myself capable of orgasming without ejaculation, two or even three times. This is not a permanent occurrence, but it happens often.

A few times I even managed to ejaculate into my partner and then continue having sex for another 5 minutes. I keep breaking my own records. Both my wife and I have become simply obsessed with sex, even though we have been together for 5 years.

Premature ejaculation
I used to have trouble reaching a strong erection and suffer from premature ejaculation at peak moments. Neither my wife nor I was content with sex that lasted for 5 minutes.

Now, my sexual stamina is boosted and I have better control over my arousal. My penis is no longer excessively sensitive, which allows me to delay ejaculation.

How To Choose A Bathmate Penis Pump? Review

When choosing a pump, take into consideration the specifications of each model:

  • Bathmate Hydro 7 Original

It is the most affordable Bathmate pump. It’s the best choice for beginners and those on a budget. It’s intended for users whose penis is less than 7 inches.

Cons: this pump is less efficient than the Hydromax and HydroXtreme series. People often buy this model simply to understand whether they need a pump at all. This is the option for the most cautious buyers. Ultimately, it’s not the most beneficial.

  • Bathmate Hydromax

It is 30% more efficient than the previous series. It delivers a better result while costing only a little more. This pump employs a newer technology that aims to magnify your penis size over a shorter period. The device is designed for a penis size of 5-9 inches.

  • Hydromax WildBoy

If your goal is to increase the girth of your penis, try Hydromax WildBoy. This pump is more effective at magnifying the width and circumference of the penis, which is a priority for many men since the girth is what largely determines the quality of sex.

  • Bathmate HydroXteme

It is the most expensive pump of the series, but it’s also more beneficial for enlarging a penis that is 3 inches or longer. This pump is suitable for use in the shower or bathtub, or even without water.

It also includes an impact-proof bag, a range of accessories, and a bulb for hand-pumping. You can use the pump without the bulb, but employing this accessory enhances the results.

  • Bathmate HydroXtreme WildBoy

It is the most efficient pump for increasing the girth of your penis. Manual pumping leads to a faster and more pronounced result.

Bathmate Frequently Asked Questions

Safety – Bathmate is the safest pump for penis enlargement. It holds many awards as the best product for sexual health and comes with all the necessary quality certificates. The pump is made of medical materials and recommended by Aspen Research.

Warranty – 60-day money-back guarantee and up to 3 years of extended warranty.

Quality – With my photos and videos, I tried to convey my sensations from this product as best I could, but the actual tactile contact will amaze you. Absolutely everything is high-quality; you can feel it in every detail.

Bathmate Results with Before and After Pictures

Read the reviews on various forums to get a clear idea of what results you’ll obtain from using Bathmate. On many review sites, Bathmate stands out due to having no negative comments.

As for delivery, it’s convenient and completely free, regardless of your country of residence. I received my package via DHL. It arrived in a white box with no labels or any other indication of its contents. Inside the parcel, there was a box, in which I found a bag with the pump.

Now About The Side Effects

During the 8 months of using the pump, I never experienced any side effects or discomfort. Now, my penis easily responds to pressure, and I can see that it’s grown larger, my erections are stronger, and my sexual stamina is enhanced.

With the help of the Bathmate HydroXtreme, I’ve managed to completely change my sex life. Not so long ago, my wife and I were on the fence about our sex life. We even considered getting a divorce because we could not get what we wanted from each other in terms of sex. But today we are the best lovers.


Nowadays, the market offers a plethora of devices and products that can change the length of your penis. Personally, I would not risk adhering to any complicated schemes that require you to stretch your penis for a long time, take pills for several years, etc.

I, for one, opted for the simplest strategy:
  • Pumping for 15 minutes a day
  • Jelqing for 5 minutes a day
  • Taking 1 VigRx Plus tablet a day

And I have achieved the desired result. Your scheme must be a complex one. For physical fitness, you use several machines in the gym, do different types of exercises, drink creatine and protein. The same approach is required when it comes to penile fitness.

You’ll obtain a result only if you take stimulants and stretch the penis in one way or another. For me, the costs amounted to $299 for the pump and $480 for a one-year tablet subscription, and that’s it. These are the per-year costs! In my case, they were also one-time.

I’ve described the results in detail in my review: they are incredible. Today, I feel like a different person, a confident lover. The size of my penis increased in both erect and flaccid states. The enhanced quality of erections and the boost to sexual stamina make me happy.

I realize how much Bathmate has changed my life and I’m glad I did not hesitate to give it a try.