Best Delay Spray: Lidocaine vs. Benzocaine Based [Review/Comparison]

Premature ejaculation spray, that works

The authoritative resource Sciencedaily officially presented the facts that confirm the possibility of prolonging the sexual act by preventing premature ejaculation after using the spray 6 times before the sexual act.

Does  Delay Spray Work? Study

A related study was published in the journal BJU International. It was attended by 300 men who suffered from premature ejaculation all their lives. Moreover, this study included only those sprays that contain a substance such as ice cream, the effect of which is associated with a lack of sensitivity, which is a side effect.

Who needs sex in which you can hardly feel how you penetrate your partner?

That is why, such sprays as VigRx Delay Spray, which use benzocaine instead of lidocaine, began to be especially popular today. Its action is milder, it allows you to maintain sensitivity, while ejaculation can also be delayed, even for a more significant time – up to 6-8 times.

In a study conducted by an authoritative publication, Placebo was also tested, it was given to the second group of men. So, their results were more than modest, because their maximum was a prolongation of sexual intercourse 1.7 times longer.

Professor Wallace Dinsmore of the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast (UK) claims that premature ejaculation is a very serious problem for a man’s psychological state. It can affect the quality of sex, enter into depression, and form complexes in front of your sexual partner.

What is Premature Ejaculation?

According to doctors, premature ejaculation is the inability of a man to hold her for at least one minute after the introduction of the penis into the vagina. In fact, today up to 40% of men around the world suffer from this problem, although its solution is very simple, inexpensive, and not associated with long-term treatment, side effects, and the use of some synthetic drugs.

The company The Leading Edge An Marketing has developed one of the most effective delay sprays are now available at the price of $ 49.95 and this product solves the short-term problems of men who are afraid to ejaculate too soon. Those. you can really use VigRx Delay Spray before intercourse and enjoy long sex in which you and your partner can feel confident and get an orgasm.

Yes, many men suffer not so much from the fact that their sexual intercourse ended too quickly, but from the fact that their sexual partner did not have time to enjoy sex and get an orgasm.

In any case, VigRx Delay Spray is the safest, easiest, and fastest solution for all men.

Quarantine and sexual life. What is Changed?

Statistics claim that because of the quarantine associated with the coronavirus pandemic, people are more likely to have sex at home. At the same time, those sexual problems that have long dragged on aggravated. This is the size of the penis, premature ejaculation, the volume of ejaculation.

A small penis makes orgasm impossible due to G – Spot stimulation. Those. a woman simply does not get a vaginal orgasm after the introduction of the penis. It’s important here to seek the help of drugs such as VigRx Plus, which help synthesize nitric oxide, which stimulates the dissection of the muscles of the penis, which allows you to let in more blood into the chambers of Corpus Carvenosum and make the erogenous penis larger.

VigRx Delay Spray Reviewed. Benzocaine vs. Lidocaine

Premature ejaculation can be stopped within a few minutes after applying VigRx Delay Spray. If you want to get a permanent result and get rid of the problem not locally, but globally, the manufacturer of this product has developed the Prosolution Plus formula, which can radically affect the problem of premature ejaculation and relieve you of it.

True, you will have to take 1-2 tablets daily for 6-12 months. This is an absolutely safe formula that does not contain harmful synthetic ingredients. You will not see side effects, but only positive changes.

The third problem is the insufficient amount of sperm. When it is not enough after ejaculation, it can also lead to depression and complex, because girls consider powerful ejaculation a sign of male strength, dominance. Even if you are married, you have a long relationship, the girls do not stop paying attention to your ejaculation.

For them, it is a criterion for evaluating the quality of sex. If you don’t have much sperm excreted, they may think that you are not satisfied enough. Although this has nothing to do with physiology and the real state of affairs. The company The Leading Edge Herbals has developed a formula Semenax, which can cope with such a problem.

Everything is correct – in quarantine, all these 3 ailments directly concern me. And I acquired:

  • Cream for an increase in the potentiality of Prosolution Gel
  • Spray VigRx the Delay Spray to prolong sexual intercourse
  • I also bought products Semenax and Prosolution Plus is, to establish their ejaculation and completely get rid of premature ejaculation

As used by VigRx Delay Spray

So, the easiest solution for me to prevent premature ejaculation was to use a spray. It is not sticky, odorless, does not deprive me of sensations, and is absorbed very quickly. It is enough to apply it 5-10 minutes before sex, as it begins to act. Even if oral care is waiting for you, you can not be afraid to use the spray, since after using it there are no traces left.

I had already managed to try the spray on the basis of PSD 502 Lidocaine, and it was more like going to the dentist when filling a tooth when your mouth is treated with a spray and then you can’t move your lips. I would not recommend the use of products on ice cream, they are of little use and they are just a cardinal decision that does not care about your feelings at all.

In fact, the spray based on lidocaine did not give any side effects, but my sensations were literally absent. With the same success, I could masturbate. A detailed study can be found at this link.

VigRx Delay Spray Facts

What the manufacturer promises:

  • Fast result in 10 minutes
  • Long-term action (up to 1.5 hours on average)
  • Lack of taste and smell
  • No stickiness or any spray on the penis
  • 100% result that is visible almost immediately
  • No side effects, including allergic reactions

Of the minuses of this spray, I would note:

  • The short duration of the effect, its effect is temporary, and to obtain longer results, you need to use the Prosolution Plus
  • You have to constantly carry the spray with you and sometimes you have to interrupt the prelude in order to go out and use the spray when you have an unplanned outbreak of passion. Sometimes, when I went out, it was already cooling down and burned out, i.e. we didn’t have sex. Make sure you can get away on time to use the spray
  • Still, the spray price is not $20, but $49, but I would recommend ordering the maximum package on the site since the product is always used. Some people buy one bottle to try, and then overpay, because there is simply no alternative to this product
  • The order is sent from the USA and you will have to wait up to 7 days until it arrives in your country

How Does Best Delay Spray Work?

So, the composition of this product is a light anesthetic based on benzocaine. It is easily absorbed into the subcutaneous layers of the penis. After 10 minutes, the nerves in the penis become less susceptible and this is reflected in the prolongation of sexual intercourse. Using it is very simple, just spray on the penis at a certain distance.

How are we used to?

To be honest, I just forgot how not to think about premature ejaculation. All my life I have been suffering from this problem and simply did not understand how to live without it. I had moments in my life when it did not bother me, I don’t even remember how it happened. But before each sex before using delay premature ejaculation spray, I tried to figure out how long I could hold on.

At first, I tried for some time to have sex only in a condom, although I still ended up in it after 2-3 minutes, due to the fact that the erection did not subside immediately, I was able to continue sexual intercourse a little. But all this was somehow strange because if I took the penis out of the vagina too late, the sperm just got into the vagina and I had to buy contraceptives for it.

  • Also, it was already unpleasant for me to have sex after ejaculation.
  • It was difficult for me to hide it because I had an orgasm that I had to hide
  • Over time, my girls noticed when I was ejaculating and their passion subsided, sex was useless, we diverged.

What sex was associated with premature ejaculation?

  1. Feeling helpless, because I did not know how to restrain myself. No techniques just helped me, the overexcitation was so strong that it seemed that there was no way to restrain it
  2. After ejaculation, I could no longer think of anything except to not show my partner that I had already finished. It was like a melodrama
  3. I was combat to have sex because I knew that she would not like
  4. In conjunction with a small penis and the inability to ejaculate powerfully, premature ejaculation characterized me as a very insecure lover. Girls with me did not receive vaginal orgasm. Sometimes I brought them to the peak of pleasure with the help of my tongue or fingers, but it upset me very much because I have a penis and I wanted to give pleasure to them
  5. I could never relax in sex, all the time I was thinking that I was about to finish

Why will Delay Spray work for you?

The company guarantees the result of using VigRx Delay Spray, this is an official guarantee, which is valid for 67 days after the purchase of the product.


If you probably heard about lidocaine earlier, then benzocaine is something new. Not really. Its effect is based on the inhibition of voltage-gated sodium channels called VDSC on nerve membranes in the tissues of the penis. This stops the spread of action potential. Simply put, the nerves in your penis simply relax.

This property has long been known to doctors, but only after creating the VigRx Delay Spray spray it was possible to achieve incredible results – to get rid of premature ejaculation without loss of sensations. The dissection of nerves does not constrain them and does not deprive your receptors of perception.

That is why benzocaine is so in demand that it became the basis for the VigRx Delay Spray formula. It is completely natural, it acts on everyone and does not cause side effects.


When applying the delay spray, you should know that spraying once – you use one dose. Sometimes men should use two doses since for them such a dosage is considered more effective. This is a normal way to achieve a result and it is indicated in the instructions.

According to the reviews of men on the forums, which I studied in detail before buying a VigRx Delay Spray, this product works for almost all men. The only difference is the ability to keep ejaculation is different for everyone. Someone writes that he is able to delay it for 7-10 minutes, someone manages to stay 20 and 30 instead of 3-5 minutes. And someone modestly increases the time by 2-3 times. But it is wonderful.

That’s why the result with Best Delay Spray is so important.

  • You do not need to take pills
  • You do not need to take harmful drugs
  • You do not need to go to the doctor and diagnose your problem
  • You do not need to wait long for the results
  • You should not be afraid of allergic reactions
  • Your partner will not know that you are using a spray

Purchase from the official site

Despite the fact that this spray can be purchased at various marketplaces, such as Amazon, Walmart, GNC, an ideal purchase is an order from the official website. That’s why:

  • You definitely buy an official product
  • It is covered by the warranty.
  • You are guaranteed the best price, especially when ordering a subscription for 6 months of using the product
  • You will have a good discount.
  • Shipping will be free.
  • You are guaranteed a safe transaction on the company’s website
  • Your order will be shipped in a box without any markings.
  • Order can be shipped via FedEx, DHL, UPS

Final Premature Ejaculation Spray Review

I can say that VigRx Delay Spray is always with me, wherever I am. I don’t have a permanent sexual partner now and I have sex for one night, I like to have novels, I often travel, meet girls on Tinder and just in bars. I am pleased with the sex life today because I am confident in my abilities as a lover.

This completely changed my perception, I learned to relax in sex, in relationships with girls, and I demonstrate my confidence in communicating with them. This is a whole new level of relationships and this is exactly what I aspired to before. I work a lot and I think that I have the right to a full sex life when my sex can last 20 and 30 minutes.