Increase Sperm Volume Pills Review: Actual Results 2022

One health issue that most men don’t want to talk about is sperm quantity and quality. Many people think that it is a common problem for men, but it’s not.

Remember the old playground song “first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby, and a baby carriage.” Well, that’s how it’s supposed to go, but not every couple has that good fortune. It’s about 50 percent of couples who’ve been trying for about one year to increase sperm count (volume) and enjoy great sex.

Brief statistics:
When there’s a problem conceiving, it turns out that it’s about 50/50, about half of the time the low semen volume it’s a male problem, nearly half of the time it’s a female problem, and about 10-20% of the time this a combined issue.

Most of the time we give a couple about a year to try to take the best sperm volume pills before we tend to say you can’t change the situation. You can improve sperm count but are not directly connected with male fertility.

How to Increase Your Sperm Volume with Pills?

That a lot of times a man will know ahead of time that they might be the cause of the low semen volume problem. He may have had an undescended testicle, or he may have had some surgery, or he may have had cancer of the testis, is something where he might know that there’s an underlying problem.

But in many cases, the male partner has no idea. And men don’t go to the doctor; they leave the doctor as adolescents of age 18. Unless they have a problem, they don’t go to the doctor, till they hit about 45 and that is one of the things about men’s health that we want to focus on men, making sure that they take care of themselves, like examining their testicles, stuff like sperm volume.

At the center for advanced reproductive services men often find the help they need, once they take the best Volume Pills to improve ejaculate volume by 500%, reviewed by our academy. We’re looking for specific issues that are either treatable or reversible. So there are two approaches to how one will address a male factor problem.

  1. Number one is to directly to do things to improve the sperm count so that the couple could get pregnant naturally, the old fashion one.
  2. The other approach is to move the sperm closer to the eggs, which would be intrauterine insemination or in vitro fertilization thing like that.

And that’s where the reproductive and endocrinology team is accommodating with very high success rates at that end of things.

The Top Sperm Volume Pills That Work

The men come in here to have their semen volume analysis, which is the first step in the process, usually one of the first steps to evaluating a couple that is experiencing low sex drive. We take just a tiny sample, put it under the microscope and look at the sperm.

#1. Volume Pills

Quick note
It’s recommended to take the best sperm booster like Volume Pills to improve your sperm count by 500%.

A life that can make a new life. It is possible. And they can help at the center for advanced reproductive services. That is a great place that may help most men to use natural sperm enhancement pills that goes there. Men need to understand that they are part of the equation and it is a great place to go, and it can handle all of your questions.

Volume Pills is one of the best semen enhancement supplements on the market in 2022. It is officially approved to boost the amount of semen and it works for 90% of men, who take pills during the 6 months. Men are upset about their low ejaculate and they are trying t be confident in bed. That’s why people are visiting urologists to get answers to their sexual problems.

But the official medicine won’t help you, you can find Volume Pills on the official manufacturer’s website.

This formula is herbal, it includes all known erection enhancement ingredients that improve the quality and the quantity of your semen.
 We have clinically tested this formula and the results were awesome – our patients have reported the semen volume improvement after 2 weeks of testing the pill . You can find medical explanations on how do they work on the official website.

Did you know?
You have to know that low sperm count is not the illness, it’s not the health issue. It’s a result of your stress, alcohol, and fast food.

It’s recommended to take Volume Pills and become a healthy man to make your sperm production impressive.

#2. Semenax

Semenax is another semen volume booster, which might help to improve ejaculate volume. It is similar to Volume Pills, it’s even created by the same company. But the results from its usage are different, some men report bigger loads in a short period.

It’s true, there are ingredients that are responsible for male sexual arousal and ejaculation. Those herbs are incredibly powerful and affect your sperm count dramatically.

What are the main Semenax benefits?

  • A longer orgasm that you can enjoy
  • Better ejaculation control as a result of increased stamina
  • 5 times more sperm in 6 months
  • Better self-esteem

According to numerous reviews, which are available on forums, you can benefit from Semenax in as little as 14 days. Just take 1 pill per day and you can show your sexual partner the real male sexual desire and ejaculation volume.

Is It Worth to Take Semen Boosting Supplements?

When your ejaculation amount is increasing, you can feel more sexual pleasure than before. This is a great benefit of using pills like Volume Pills or Semenax. Doctors say most men cannot enjoy orgasm more than a few seconds, because of the low sperm count problem.

 It’s easy to determine if your sperm amount is increased : you’ve got more semen, your ejaculation becomes longer, you feel more pleasure during the orgasm, you will be able to increase your male sexual desire.

Your sexual partner will feel the difference as well and that will improve your sexual satisfaction. The effect is 100% natural and you will not feel any discomfort.

What is the maximum result? It can be reached in 6-12 months of using semen volume supplements, but the progress will be seen all the time if you take pills.

It would be so cool to ejaculate like a porn star, isn’t it? When you look at the amount of your semen count after a climax, sometimes you feel like crying. And when you ejaculate in the mouth of your partner – the sensations are not the same as on the screen when watching a porn movie.

A man can have different signs of weak potency:

  • Erection problems
  • Low sexual stamina
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Small penis size
  • The curvature of the penis

And then there is a problem with the amount of sperm secreted.

Why Semen Volume is Important?

I’ll tell about myself, I had a lot of complexes because of low semen volume. I had many different problems with potency, which I managed to overcome with the use of cream before sex. I use Prosolution Gel, it does work.

I work on the quality of my sex since I am single, I am 38 years old, and I change sexual partners quite often. It’s not bad for me to get acquainted with girls – through Tinder, Instagram, I confidently approach the girls in a bar or a club.

I like getting to know this fact. I am obsessed with sex and I always want new sexual partners. I have a small penis – I always wanted to fight this somehow, I bought a penis extender and a penis pump. But I put it off, I just can’t plan my routine. But it’s necessary, girls often complain about my small penis, they say they didn’t get an orgasm, it’s not enough for them, but honestly, I treat them well.

But most of all, it annoys me when I finish and I want to do it in my partner’s mouth, and a drop falls on her tongue. As I remember now, one woman prepared to get a cumshot and even closed her eyes. I thought: “What awaits you, baby.” But nothing. The mood worsened, there was some awkward pause, and then she laughed.

I was unpleasant and I just did not understand why. Did I have as much sperm before, or is that just now. But I remember exactly that at the age of 20 I could finish long and long and there was much more sperm.

I began to deal with the causes of the problems. Googled a couple of medical sites and realized that there could be several reasons at once, but what exactly? Surely health problems and my lifestyle could play a role (I often go to nightclubs, smoke and drink a lot, do not go in for sports, and work at the computer a lot, as I am a designer).

I noticed that I have no time for anything. I wasn’t so much concerned about some intermittent problems with potency, but I wanted to increase the amount of sperm. I asked my acquaintance, who often starred in porn: “Tell me, how do you increase the amount of sperm?”

Did You Know?
He said that almost all porn actors are sitting on some kind of doping – someone makes a stimulating injection, after which the penis does not fall at all. But in recent years, they are increasingly taking different dietary supplements.

He advised me of the semen enhancement pills today.

  • For an erection – VigRX Plus which you should take for at least 3 months.
  • From premature ejaculation – ProSolution Plus, also works well for erection.
  • There are 2 best semen volume pills: Volume Pills and Semenax. Take 2 pills per day.

Such information seemed interesting to me. I bought both supplements, took Volume Pills for 3 months, then 4 months of Semenax. I will tell you about the results and my routine.

Well, first of all, John (my acquaintance porn actor) immediately said that alcohol, smoking, fast food, and night parties are a complete rejection of victories with potency. Everything is connected: an erection, ejaculation, arousal, sexual stamina and it all depends on my state of health and lifestyle.

Honestly, I didn’t even expect to hear it. I had no idea how to give up my lifestyle. I live like this for years, and I don’t have a permanent sexual partner and I like it. I had been in a relationship for 2 years and it was terrible, I was constantly depressed because my girlfriend constantly demanded attention, gave me some tasks, and deprived me of my usual way of life.

Damn, she even forbade me to see some friends! I did not like sex with her, it was very monotonous and it seemed to me that she was cheating on me. Yes, I could relax with her and not think about how to show myself sexually. Well, you know, missionary position, a couple of times a month anal sex, a little sperm on her face.

A little – well said, right to the point. I realized that I love to conquer new girls with my charm, my sense of humor. And it’s so cool to constantly have the thrill of dating. I won’t exchange it for anything.

I wanted to become stronger in sex and feel what is a long orgasm. John told me that he enjoys sex on the set because sometimes he is shot several times a week and makes love with several partners at once.  He told me that he had already switched to Volume Pills and Semenax supplements a long time ago .

I asked to give links to his cumshots, they were magnificent, so plentiful. He says that he has been taking pills for a year now, changing them regularly. I tried to do the same. The first result was noticed after a month of taking pills.

My Impressions About Sperm Volume Pills

Sperm amount increased and cumshots became somehow strong, the orgasm seemed to become explosive, not the same as before. And orgasms became more pleasurable and longer-lasting, I got an orgasm for almost a minute. I also experienced multiple orgasms that did not happen to me.

I carefully studied the Semenax formula, it consisted of 100% natural ingredients. Among the advantages are:

  • Increase in sperm volume by 500%
  • Enhanced sensations from ejaculation
  • Increased blood flow to the penis
  • Improved ejaculation control
  • Increased sexual desire

What was important to me was real clinical research and doctors' recommendations. I studied other tablets - Maxocum, Maxatin, Volume 500, Spermomax and realized that Semenax is the only competitor to Volume Pills.

So, I determined the best semen volume supplements and believed in the idea of ​​increasing the amount of sperm even more.

We met John in a cafe, we had not seen each other for a long time. We discussed school years, he was my classmate. He looked amazing - pumped up, handsome.

He talked to me about his career for 2 hours. I have never thought that porn stars have such respect from sexual partners and such disrespect from directors. They have to shoot a lot, they spend a lot of energy, filming is delayed for hours and there is no longer any pleasure from sex.

Sometimes they don’t like partners, although they are beautiful experienced girls who know what to do. He said that the greatest pleasure is considered to cum in her, and just as they do in porn films, girls take some pills. He said that he likes to finish at once with several girls on a set day.

I never thought those porn actors are so fond of having sex. But he said it's like a drug. He has sex and is waiting for new partners, and most of all does not like group sex when many men have sex with the same girl. All this looks like a bacchanalia.

Quick Note
Ejaculation is of paramount importance, as he said, so all actors are hard at taking pills and watching their daily routine. It is important.
Porn actors are constantly taking sperm volume pills, erection duration, and penis size – their main topics at work. It turns out that sperm enhancement supplements even the best, such as Volume Pills, are not associated with increased fertility. You just get more sperm, its quality does not improve, only the quantity.

After listening to these stories, I wanted to act in porn even more,  although this is not connected with my profession. But I wanted to be a super lover for sure, and I’ve got a start.

My Results

After 3 months of taking Volume Pills, the results were, as they say, on the face. Rather - on her face, the ejaculate volume increased by more than 5 times, it’s true. And all as stated by the manufacturer.

The feeling is incredible, I became obsessed with sex even more.

After 3 months, I finally decided to try other sperm volume pills. The transition was smooth and I almost did not notice it, I just wanted to understand which tablets are still better? I was surprised that after a couple of weeks there was more sperm again, I carefully watched the ejaculation amount. Since I wouldn’t measure sperm during sex, I only knew that I could finish harder, the ejaculation volume increased, and my orgasms became longer.

So anyway, what sperm pills are better? Surely, this is very individual, I only note that after taking Semenax for 4 months, I was able to improve the result after Volume Pills by 3 times.

 After 7 months of taking pills on the market, I achieved incredible results. Today I take 1 tablet every 3 days to maintain tonus. I don’t want to refuse yet. But my ejaculation amount has increased by 5-7 times .