Immune Boosting Supplements, that Work Faster than Vitamins

1). The main available weapon for people in the fight against coronavirus is our immunity.

Immunity – armor from viruses or how to protect yourself during a coronavirus pandemic

“What is our life …” is a constant struggle. This is especially noticeable when a word is added to financial, career or family issues that were found in school only in biology textbooks – a pandemic. An all-encompassing and rapidly spreading viral infection is gathering new victims every day. Why do some people have no resources to resist an insidious disease, while others can even transfer the flu in a mild form?

The answer to this question is immunity, which represents the protective resources of the body and its reaction to the invasion of the virus. The body’s immune capabilities are akin to the knight’s shield and armor, with which he can not only close vulnerable areas but also repulse the enemy.

Immunity is also a weapon, armor, capable of not only protecting against a coronavirus but also giving it a worthy rebuff. The stronger it is, the less likely the infection is to take over the body. Or, in case of infection, the immune defense provides the human body with an easy course of the disease and a quick recovery.

Since many factors influence the formation of immunity, the task of every inhabitant of the planet is not to let it drift and constantly maintain its immune defense at the proper level. Indeed, taking care of our health and the health of our family, we can thereby affect the spread of viruses and significantly reduce its spread.

2) What is immunity and how to raise it? Vitamins, pills, healthy lifestyle, nutrition, drink

Is it possible to “raise immunity” or create reliable protection

Despite the widespread that there is no such concept of “raising immunity” – this is fundamentally wrong. Since immunity can be congenital and acquired. Immune protection of a baby from birth to 3-6 months works not only with the help of hereditary resources but also thanks to breastfeeding, that is, the baby receives mother’s milk, which not only nourishes it but also protects it from various infections. It is proved that the longer the baby is breastfed, the less susceptible his body is to various infections.

Gradually developing, growing up and acquiring various skills – the body goes through developmental stages, approaching adulthood. The organs directly or indirectly involved in the formation of immunity include thymus, lymph nodes, red bone marrow, and spleen.

What happens with immunity? Immune defense is also developing, with what is involved in its formation:

  • Food,
  • Lifestyle,
  • Activity level
  • Psychological stress and the environment;
  • Accommodations.

Also, external influence directly affects the formation of protection against infections – preventive vaccinations, which are given according to the scheme corresponding to age, providing acquired immunity.

Thus, the better the nutrition and the higher physical activity, as well as the more favorable living conditions, the higher the immunity. So why, according to some erroneous statements, “raising immunity” is impossible, because, in infancy, breast milk protected against infections?

Of course, the pharmacological industry does not stand still, and drugs that enhance immunity and increase the protective properties of the body are not only developed, but also constantly updated.

3) Why is our immunity weakened? Illness, malnutrition, lifestyle, indifference

When protection fails or why our immunity may be weakened

Like any organ or organism as a whole, immunity can also “get sick”. There are many reasons for this. Some of the most common are:

  • lack of a high-quality and balanced diet and food culture;
  • lack of sleep;
  • adverse living conditions;
  • decreased or lack of physical activity;
  • significant emotional overload, leading to the onset of psychosis and neurosis;
  • excessive physical activity.

The stereotypical opinion that only urban residents have no immunity is a mistake. If the city population, in addition to all of the above factors, also suffers from adverse environmental conditions, then the village has its own negative factors. As a rule, these are excessive physical exertion, poor medical care, the presence of chronic diseases and in the off-season – the lack of a balanced diet.

As for food products, even hand-grown ones, their vitamin value is getting worse every year. Such a situation is associated with excessive and uncontrolled use of agrochemistry, a decrease in the quality of water resources, and a catastrophic state of ecology.

Therefore, the recommendation to eat honey, garlic or onions, which was once “from seven ailments” – is now irrelevant. Previously, apples contained up to 10 mg of iron, and to replenish this element, it was enough for a person to eat one apple per day, but now the indicators do not rise above 2.2 mg.

Therefore, in order to affect their health, using only fruits and vegetables, they will have to be absorbed by “carriage standards”. And this is already fraught with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and instead of recovery, you can become a patient of gastroenterology.

In addition, the use of the diet to correct immunity requires a significant amount of time, which is necessary for the absorption of vitamins. And in a period of unfavorable epidemiological situation, unfortunately, “delaying death is similar.”

4) Immune Boosting Supplements can prepare your immunity even to coronavirus: a brief review of Immune Defense, Immune Support, GenF20 (rejuvenates, restores the immune system),, We analyze the ingredients in detail

Pure pharmacy and no magic or drugs to form an immune defense

An innovative solution to provide your body with immune protection are special complex preparations – an immune booster supplements. They not only contribute to “raising immunity”, but also generally improve the health and rejuvenation of the body.

The advantages of such pills in the effectiveness of exposure and ease of administration. Buying a course will cost much less than finding and purchasing a center of “miraculous vegetables and fruits”. In addition, the drug can be delivered directly to your home, which is quite relevant in the conditions of the introduction of quarantine measures. Among the novelties of drugs that stimulate immune defense, the following are among the most effective.

Top 4 immune boosters of 2020

#1. Immune Defense is a specialized immunostimulating composition from an American manufacturer that combines plant extracts of echinacea, Chinese ginseng, amino acid, and vitamin complexes.

The tablet is available in a special microgranular form, which contributes to the rapid absorption of components. It is recommended for use as a prophylactic during an unfavorable epidemiological situation, and as an adjuvant to relieve the six common symptoms of viral infection: cough, runny nose, shortness of breath, sleep disturbance, headache, and fever.

#2. Immune Support is a herbal supplement in instantly made gelatin capsules of American manufacture, recommended for the period of epidemics of viruses characterized by high contagiousness, including those transmitted by airborne droplets.

It contains extracts of immunomodulatory plants (green tea, raspberries, ginger, turmeric, as well as mycelial biomass, as well as synthetic additives: lycopene, quercetin, and vitamin components. The balance of components helps not only increase the protective response to contact with viruses but also has a tonic and restorative effect on the body.

#3. GenF20 – a revolutionary tool to increase immunity and rejuvenate the body by filling the lack of growth hormone. The preparation contains:

  • a balanced vitamin complex of vitamins involved in stimulating the immune defense of A, C, E, B;
  • colostrum – includes IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor);
  • chromium – provides glucose turgor from the bloodstream to cells, saturating them with useful trace elements and amino acids;
  • Astragalus root extract – a natural immunomodulator that accelerates the production of immunocytes;
  • the hormonal component of HGH is somatotropin, which is released in the body and promotes processes that rejuvenate all systems (muscle, sexual, nervous).

It is produced in the form of an oral spray, getting on the mucosa is instantly absorbed into the bloodstream, providing instant protection against viruses and a rejuvenating effect for the whole body.

Also, the composition of immune boosters with an immunostimulating function includes a complex of essential amino acids that are not produced by the human body independently:

  • L-arginine – an amino acid that contributes to the body’s defenses and endurance, tolerance of adverse environmental conditions;
  • L-glutamine – stimulates mental activity and causes intensive cell division of all tissues;
  • L-glycine – favorably affects the condition of the prostate gland, normalizes hormonal regulation and production of sex hormones;
  • L-lysine – enhances the action of arginine;
  • L-tyrosine – normalizes the functioning of internal secretion organs, including the thyroid gland.

5) We write about studies about vitamins A, B, C, E, zinc

Vitamins as immunomodulators

As a rule, all supplements created to stimulate the body’s defenses to contain a vitamin complex. At the same time, manufacturers are obliged to indicate on the packaging nomenclature names, such as retinol or cyanocobalamin, which can frighten an average person unfamiliar with medical terms.

In fact, the main function of vitamins in complex preparations is to stimulate the production of interferon, which increases the body’s resistance to viruses and infections.

Vitamin A (retinol) – in addition to affecting the healing processes and preserving vision, this vitamin is involved in the production of T-lymphocytes, which are original cells of antiviral immunity.

B vitamins (thiamine, riboflavin, pyridoxine, cyanocobalamin) – regulate the function of the blood-forming organs – bone marrow and spleen. Its deficiency causes an immunodeficiency state.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) – stimulates the activity of macrophages and the production of interferon, which provides body cells with protection against the penetration of viruses.

Vitamin E (tocopherol) – is involved in the stimulation of cellular and humoral immune defenses, while also providing an antioxidant (anti-aging) effect on the body.

Zinc is needed to increase the production of interferon and the production of T-lymphocytes.

The combination of these vitamin components in dietary supplements-immunomodulators provides additional stimulation of protective functions by regulating them at the cellular level. In addition, their content in the drugs allows you to quickly provide the daily dose of vitamins necessary for the immune system without the need for special foods, as there is no specific product that would contain them all at the same time.

6) Why do I need to take immune-boosting supplements now? Stronger than vitamin complexes, accelerated action

Dietary supplements-immunomodulators VS vitamin complexes or road spoon for dinner

This is not to say that vitamin complexes are worse or better than dietary supplements. Both those and those have their advantages and their reception – this is a concern for health and maintaining the body in good shape.

Vitamin complexes are good as immunomodulators for prophylactic administration. That is, if you take them regularly, in courses, they can have a stimulating effect on the immune system. But during the coronavirus pandemic, as often happens, only a few entered quarantine with a satisfactory state of the body’s defenses. Start taking vitamin complexes during this period is impractical due to the fact that it takes time to achieve the effect.

The way out of this situation is the use of immunostimulating dietary supplements. Their advantages are in complex composition and speed, which is more relevant during the epidemic.

7) Products that are also advised to use to enhance immunity

An integrated approach – a reliable way to protect against viruses

When choosing dietary supplements, one should not forget about the need for a balanced diet. During a pandemic, it is not out of place to include the following foods in the diet, which directly or indirectly contribute to maintaining the body’s defenses:

  • beef – champion in the content of B vitamins with immunostimulating effect;
  • beef liver – helps to increase resistance to stress, contains all the vitamins of group B, as well as A, E, and zinc;
  • citrus fruits and cabbage – contain vitamin C (ascorbic acid), which stimulates the production of interferon and increases the body’s defenses;
  • garlic – contains allicin – a substance that helps block enzymes by which the virus can enter the human body;
  • “Live” fermented milk products (yogurt, kefir based on bifidobacteria and Lacto bacteria) – in addition to immunostimulating vitamins A and group B, yogurt affect Peyer’s plaques, stimulating cellular immunity.

8) Immune boosters can be taken without a prescription so as not to go to the doctor during the quarantine period

Supplementation – help yourself

Immunomodulatory bio-additives belong to medical preparations but are not medicines. Therefore, their appointment does not require a visit to a doctor and a long examination, which, under the conditions of quarantine measures, may be unsafe.

Often, you can confine yourself to a telephone consultation if you have doubts about the composition of your chosen dietary supplement. Choosing an immunostimulating dietary supplement, you can be sure that its composition will not harm the body, as it contains the exact dosage of the components within the required daily doses calculated for the body in an unfavorable epidemiological situation.

9) What happens with immunity when we age and why an increase in HGH will help with the example of GenF20

Extinction of protective functions with age or how to help mature immunity

The older the human body becomes, the more pronounced its aging is: joints and skin are not so elastic, fertility and attraction fade away, the state of the liver and kidneys no longer allows you to consume your favorite alcoholic drinks of youth, and the body’s defenses are reduced.

These changes are caused, first of all, by an increasing decrease in the production of HGH – growth hormone or growth hormone. If in children its absence or low maintenance causes a delay in physical development, then in adulthood – acceleration of the aging process of the body, including its immune system.

In this case, immunity worsens due to a decrease in the activity of immune producing organs: lymph nodes, spleen, and red bone marrow.

Needless to say, under quarantine – to slow down and stop the aging process – it means not just prolonging youth, but being able to protect yourself from the insidious virus. Using the revolutionary GenF20 as an example, you can get acquainted with the possibilities of growth hormone and its effect on the process in the body.

When testing the supplement, the subjects were divided into two groups: some took GenF20, others took a placebo diet. According to the results of studies conducted by the Center for Male Health in conjunction with the professor-biochemists of the Trident Institute (USA) and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, it was proved that the second group was able to increase the immune response by only 0.55%, with no other changes.

The group that took the drug improved their immune defenses by 28% in just three months of use, and sexual function and attraction among representatives of this group significantly improved. Thus, GenF20 is not just a dietary supplement. Health-conscious, and an innovative product that will allow the body to return at least 20 years ago in all respects.

10) How immunity helps fight infections

Find and defuse or how the body fights the virus

Immunity is the ability of the body to ensure its immunity to various infections. The function of “weapons” against the harmful effects of viruses is performed by:

  • T-lymphocytes, which in turn are divided into T-killers, which kill the virus and T-helpers that recognize the “enemy”;
  • B-lymphocytes – provide the production of antibodies, special protein compounds that can deactivate the components of the virus;
  • macrophages – devour harmful microorganisms, destroying them or transferring them to T-helpers.

In fact, during an epidemic, the body’s defenses are activated like an army on alert. T-helpers “patrol” the most vulnerable places and if a virus is detected, they recognize it and pass it to T-killers or macrophages for destruction. At the same time, B-lymphocytes are engaged in the development of an “antidote” from virus enzymes in order to prevent re-infection of the body.

11) Frequently asked questions: how long to wait for the result from taking the pills, is their time to protect yourself from coronavirus, how to take, are there any side effects

“Anticoronovirus” movement – answers to the most pressing questions during the epidemic

Is there time to defend against coronavirus?

Immune booster supplements are designed to increase the body’s defenses precisely at a time when it is too late to take normal mineral and vitamin complexes. Therefore, if you do not waste time on a long choice, but place an order now, then you can provide your body with reliable protection against coronavirus.

How long to wait for the result of taking the pills?

The production of T-lymphocytes and macrophages is accelerated 2 hours after taking the first dose of the dietary supplement. For a pandemic, it is better not to stop taking chickens to ensure a lasting effect.

How to take immune supplements?

It is necessary to take immune boosters according to the instructions: one tablet three times a day, for hormone-containing preparations, for the best effect, you must observe the time of administration and do not change it throughout the course.

How safe is the supplement?

Bioadditives contain daily norms of vitamins and components necessary for performing immunostimulating functions that have been tested and are absolutely safe for human health.

Is there a risk of side effects?

The greatest doubt can be caused by the risk of hypervitaminosis (excess vitamins) and side effects from taking growth hormone. The dosage of vitamins in dietary supplements is calculated based on the average norms of the daily dose, taking into account significant energy costs during unfavorable epidemiological conditions.

As for growth hormones, its content in the dietary supplement corresponds to the amount needed to coordinate the various processes responsible for metabolism, the condition of the skin and bones, and body functions. Such a norm cannot cause a rapid increase in body size. Therefore, due to a clear balance, dietary supplements cannot harm the body and cause adverse reactions to their intake.