Male Edge Review, User Facts and My Own Results(Before/After)

The problem with a small or twisted penis has tormented millions of men around the world for years and even decades.

They are looking for answers to the question – is it possible to naturally enlarge a penis? Size today is of great importance, every girl wants his man to have at least a medium-sized penis.

Why? Firstly, this is today’s trend, yes the same as in clothes. Women should have a large breast, a slim figure, and long legs. Requirements for men are much less, but also enough: a sports figure and a penis of normal size.

Quality Penis Extender, that Works

If you have already studied the question of what works and helps to increase the length of the penis today, you probably heard about the penis traction method, which is based on the constant pull of penis tissues using a device called a penis extender.

This topic has been around for 20 years, the first extender in the world is considered Jes Extender and it was born by the company DanaMedic, which later modernized its designs and created a device called Male Edge.

No, do not think that the first device simply went out of fashion or lost its effectiveness. Do not believe it, but most devices on the market today can not surpass their parent Jes Extender.

Why? Yes, because the technique has not changed, but vacuum devices have already appeared that are able to hold the penis head on one side and create tension on the other. But such devices are still inferior in their characteristics to rod extenders, such as Jes Extender or Male Edge.

In this Male Edge review, we will talk about it, because it matters to you how the penis stretches. It is important for you that this is not traumatic, that there are no side effects, that everything happens comfortably, that there is a result, that the process of penis enlargement does not get on your nerves, does not distract you from everyday activities and does not remind yourself of yourself when you do not need to.

Yes, modern men have many requirements today. Over the 20 years of the existence of penis extenders, they have noticeably increased, and this is not surprising. Most men do not want to experience discomfort when enlarging their penis, even if it is natural.

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So, if you have ever heard information about Male Edge, this article, based on personal experience, will allow you to understand:

  1. What is this extender and how does it work
  2. Why is it worth to buy it instead of a dozen other extenders on the market
  3. What are its unique features, due to which its technology is considered the most sparing and effective
  4. How to use it?
  5. Will you experience discomfort while using
  6. Will you have any side effects?
  7. How long to wait for the result and what will it be?
  8. What practical tips will help you use Male Edge most effectively?

If you tried to look for such information on Google, you probably saw how many blogs reprint the same official information and the dry facts about Male Edge. No information directly from users. In my article, I will outline my own experience using an extender.

My Penis Traction Experience

I’ve been working with similar products for 15 years and write reviews about them after I personally try it. I have absolutely all the extenders that you can find on the market and I used each of them personally not just to tell you about them, but also to fix my own problem with the length of the penis.

Yes, I had a small penis that I had dreamed of enlarging all my life. This made me a journalist in this direction. Over the years, I have tried various methods of natural enlargement of the penis – pills, exercises, stretching the penis, and achieved the result only in the case of penis traction.

Over the course of 2 years, I used penis traction with great success, started with SizeGenetics, and then used others for 2-3 months. I realized that penis enlargement with penis traction can and should be gentle, painless, and less comfortable if you know which device and how to use it.

I spent half a year trying to figure out how to use the devices and now I will tell you the truth about Male Edge. I really consider him the king of all extenders for his technical characteristics and the result that I got. Over the past 2 years, I have managed to increase the penis by 3 inches in length and 1 in width. And 70% of this result is my work with Male Edge.

What Male Edge extender and how does it work?

Male Edge is a rod extender that imitates classic technology but at the same time is not like any of the existing devices for penis enlargement. The principle of its work is that you do not need to connect the rods, you do not need to set the tension by unscrewing the screws, you do not need to remove the extender for this.

  • When you want to go to the toilet – you do not need to completely remove the device, but just unfasten it using special clips. The working parts of the device do not fail and do not wear out due to the fact that you do not need to constantly remove and wear it during use.

The extender uses its own system for setting the tension, as well as the length of the rods, which can be adjusted using a retractable mechanism. It is enough for you to unscrew the rods and install them in the grooves with light swiveling movements. At the same time, the device is already assembled and the base is only detached from it using clips.

An important factor is the weight of the device because you have to wear it on the penis, and this creates friction due to the weight of the device and pain. Male Edge is the lightest device, as it is made of high-quality, hard materials and plastic, which make it weightless. Moreover, he is very reliable.

Why is it worth buying it?

In view of all the above technical specifications, Male Edge is very comfortable, and this is important when you consider that for the effective use of penis traction you need to spend at least 3 months.

These are the first visible Male Edge results, then 3 more months to obtain even more impressive sizes, for many men after 6 months progress and even maximum are visible. This is due to the physiological characteristics of each of us. Those. each has its own maximum, after which this technology is no longer effective.

I will honestly say that I saw my maximum only after 1.5 years and another half year I tried to somehow stretch the penis but to no avail. In any case, I am satisfied with the result, but as I achieved it – read on in my review.

How to use Male Edge? Review

In fact, when I first assembled the extender, and this was a simple matter, I tried for a long time to understand how to set the length of the rods, how to adjust it for yourself, how to set the tension.

I watched the official video instruction, but still, in reality, everything was a little incomprehensible, it took me a while to understand everything and set it up correctly.

  1. To begin with, you had to set the base correctly, if you have a member up to 5 inches in length, you need to fasten the base to the rods on one side if more – on the other. It is important
  2. Next, you need to learn how to twist the mechanism to adjust the length of the rods. There are grooves in which you need to get to secure the rods. Make sure that both rods are the same length. You need to understand in which direction to turn the bar. During the turn, they crackle, it seems that they are about to break, this is a false impression. In fact, such a crack is needed to understand that the adjustment is in progress, and when you get in – you hear a click. At first, it’s a little incomprehensible, but then you quickly get used to it. Further, when the length is set and you push the penis through the ring, tighten the strap on the penis head and fasten the base. Do not forget about the comfort pad, which must be worn on the penis under the strap to avoid excessive friction. Well, now it remains to set the tension, for a start it can be done at a minimum level with a simple movement, in total 3 levels of tension can be set, they are already set, only you need to go to them

Why buy Male Edge?

  1. This extender is officially approved by the FDA and there is all the necessary information about this on the company’s website
  2. Male Edge is a device that is guaranteed to work. The official website has data on clinical trials, results before and after
  3. Leading medical publication BJUI research paper wrote about this extender
  4. Male Edge device is certified, the company has CE certificate
  5. The device is made in Denmark, meets all European quality standards
  6. The device is covered by a quality guarantee
  7. The company offers a refund in case you are not satisfied with the device
  8. When you purchase on the official website, you get the best price and warranty service
  9. Delivery of the device is possible worldwide.
  10. When ordering, the device is placed in a box without designations

Buy Male Edge

Let’s indicate what users choose Male Edge for.

  • This device is appreciated due to its ease of use. You do not need to assemble and screw the rods, manually adjust the tension of the screws, and focus only on your feelings. Male Edge allows you to use ready-made tension modes and a stepped bar length extension system. It turns out very convenient – you just set the desired length by turning the bar to click
  • The device is really lightweight, which means it is easy to wear and it does not cause discomfort with prolonged use. The design of the device is made of heavy-duty materials, which actually weigh very little. If you wear the device even with aluminum rods, you will feel the tension and will be forced to take breaks
  • The device is made of hypoallergenic materials, it is really suitable for everyone even if you have any skin allergies
  • The device is certified and recognized in the world as one of the most effective.

How does Male Edge Work?

How penis traction device Male Edge adheres to the main principles in its work

  • You can adjust the desired traction with which the penis tissue is stretched. This occurs due to the division of cells that fill micro-gaps provoked by tension
  • The penis is firmly fixed in the device, which ensures accurate tension and length settings
  • You can configure the device for a new penis length when you manage to increase it. You can put the base on the other side and increase the length of the rods with a simple movement
  • If you need to remove the device from the penis, you just click the base. Due to such a simple action, the device will last a long time
  • For your comfort, special cohesive gauze, and protection pads are created, you can use a special powder or cream based on water to avoid any microtrauma and redness of the penis. All this can be ordered immediately on the site when buying a device

Packages and Official Order

Today, Male Edge has 3 packages with the device – Pro, Extra, and Basic. In fact, 2 premium packages differ from the main one in the presence of Cohesive Gauze and protection pads. Otherwise, the devices are the same except for the color of the Travel box. The price is also different.

Of course, we recommend that you buy the Pro package, as it includes all the main elements of the extender. Believe me, they are not designed by chance and significantly increase the level of comfort and safety during the operation of the device. The difference of 40 euros should not bother you, given that you will save thousands of dollars on penis enlargement surgery.

Penis Straightening with Male Edge

This device has an important property – this is the technical characteristics for use in straightening the penis. It is enough for you to direct the design of the device in the opposite direction from the curvature in order to achieve maximum results.

Yes, some manufacturers and models, such as SizeGenetics, have special nozzles that help straighten the penis, but Male Edge has the universal ability to work on penis enlargement as effectively as on straightening it.

You should know that the curvature of the penis directly affects your potency, erection, and sensations during erection, sex, and orgasm. Straightening a member is simply necessary in order to reach its potential.

I hope this review has helped you to learn more about the Male Edge penis extender. You can buy it on the official site.