Natural Breast Enlargement Cream Research and Review 2020

Healthy elasticity without a surgeon’s scalpel – or how to maintain a girl’s elastic breasts

1) Why is breast plastic surgery dangerous? Research References

Breast plastic surgery – the doubtful result

The desire of women to increase breasts is laid at the evolutionary level. After all, an attractive woman is not only confident in herself, but also demand as a sexual partner. Since the Middle Ages, maids of honor have tried to tighten the corset or put the fabric in the bodice to make the bust appear more magnificent.

Today, women are armed with the achievements of plastic surgery and pharmacology. Whatever method becomes the object of attention, you need to know the presence of risks not so much for the breast itself, but health in general.
The first attempts to enlarge the bust with the surgical intervention were made at the end of the XIX century.

Then, liquid paraffin was used as an implant to shape the breast. Despite the barbarism of this method, in some Muslim countries, there are still ignorant procedures for pouring various substances, including petroleum jelly, into the chest. Of course, such an intervention will at best lead to disability and removal of the mammary gland, and at worst to the death of the patient.

Since 1961, surgeons began to use silicone implants, and at the end of the 80s of the last century, they learned to insert them into an inconspicuous incision made in a natural fold. And, it would seem, you can put on the stream and form the female breast of any size and shape. But, like any surgical intervention, such an operation carries significant risks for patients.

Among the most common:

This list also needs to be supplemented with information that there are recent studies by the FDA (the US Food and Drug Administration – agencies of the US Department of Health and Human Services) contain information about the dangers of implants and their ability to cause breast cancer. Is the beauty worth such sacrifices?

2) Breast augmentation in a natural way is possible (cream, cream + tablet complexes)

Gifts of nature for breast elasticity

While surgeons are struggling over the safety of operations, pharmacists are also not far behind and are developing special complexes for breast augmentation and correction of its size. And, perhaps, their achievements are not so incredible, but they are quite capable of coping with the task of preserving the youth of such delicate skin and maintaining its elasticity.

For this purpose, a whole series of products has been developed, the course of which can contain both exclusively a cream for breast enlargement, and a whole complex combining tablets and cream, as well as recommendations for a massage course, special nutrition, and exercise.

The basis is taken from what in vivo increases the bust – female sex hormones – estrogens. Therefore, phytoestrogens are included in the composition – plant analogs of sex hormones, which cause the growth of the glandular tissue of the mammary glands, due to which the breast seems elastic and full.

Of the additional components, manufacturers of breast enlargement creams and tablets use natural collagen for the elasticity of the skin of the breast, vitamin complexes, hyaluronic acid, and various plant extracts.

Creams for breast enhancement are also used as an adjuvant before the operation and immediately after it, as well as by future mothers. This is because the components positively affect the condition of the skin and prepare it to increase the volume of the mammary gland, increasing elasticity, and improving blood circulation.

Also, the cream is an excellent prevention of stretch marks – stretch marks, which can appear due to a sharp change in breast size, characteristic of hormonal surges, and the consequences of surgery.

3) Comparison of creams: Total Curve, Naturaful, Brestrogen (briefly about each – how it works, a description of the ingredients and their properties, how the formula works, frequently asked questions)

Total Curve Review

Of the latest innovations designed for breast augmentation, the following products are the most popular.
Complex for breast augmentation Total Curve – it includes a dietary supplement and a tightening gel. Its effectiveness is based on the action of phytoestrogens, which stimulate lipid metabolism and promote the proliferation of the main tissue that makes up the mammary gland – the fatty tissue.

The complex includes plant extracts:

  • Aloe vera – contributes to the elasticity and strengthening of collagen fibers;
  • Bearberry – fights free radicals and has a rejuvenating effect;
  • seaweed – contribute to bituminization and create a lifting effect;
  • caffeine – accelerates the metabolism and delivery of beneficial components to skin cells.
  • The gel also includes an innovative product – Volufillin, which in combination with the amino acid sarsasapogenin activates lipogenesis – the production of fat cells that make up the mammary gland.

Naturaful Review

Naturaful is a breast enlargement gel with a lifting effect that can not only increase breasts by 3 sizes but also improve the appearance of the skin and the effect of a breast lift. It is used in conjunction with active magnetic patches with 7 bio magnets that enhance the effects of gel components, which include:

  • wild yams – a culture that grows in South America, providing a stimulating effect;
  • angelica Officinalis, which includes felandren, sesquiterpene compounds, xanthotoxin, providing lipogenesis of the mammary gland;
  • thistle with anti-aging and restorative properties.

Brestrogen is a special gel, the use of which can increase the bust by at least 2 sizes, containing:

  • extract of Pueraria myrifica – a natural plant estrogen that induces fat cells of the mammary gland to actively divide, which in turn causes its growth, and externally manifests itself as breast elasticity;
  •  tocopherol – a substance that improves skin elasticity and accelerates metabolism.
    It is enough to massage the gel into the mammary gland with massaging movements and the result will not be long in coming.

The most common doubts that women have about a cream or gel for breast augmentation and correction:

  • whether they can harm health – no, all gels undergo thorough testing before they go on sale, which is direct evidence of their safety;
  • are there any guarantees – yes, manufacturers are responsible for their products and give a guarantee of up to 60 days with the possibility of a refund if something does not suit the customer;
  • are there any side effects – yes, the most important thing is your confidence in your attractiveness. But, of course, treat this with humor. The naturalness of the components and their balanced dosage does not hurt the body and do not cause any harm to health.

4) When to wait for the results?

Do you have the patience to wait for the result?

Like most therapeutic agents, gel and cream for breast augmentation require a certain amount of time for the components to activate beneficial processes in the mammary gland. And, as a rule, the duration depends on the initial state and level of metabolism.

By stimulating metabolic processes, the cream begins active changes already from the first week of use, and by the end of the first month, the breast increases by more than 6%.

Using the cream according to the instructions for 2 months, you can achieve an increase in the volume of the mammary gland up to 10% by the end of the second month. The main advantage of this tool is safety and the absence of side effects.

5) How to apply

How to use a breast enhancement cream

If you are at risk of premature sagging breasts due to age-related changes, recently finished breastfeeding, quickly and excessively lost weight or exhaust yourself with physical exercises, but are not ready to adjust the size and appearance with a surgical scalpel, then a breast enlargement cream is the most optimal option.

Proper use of the cream includes:

  • execution and receipt of an order consisting of a full course of therapy;
    Allergy testing – for this, apply a small amount of cream on the bend of the elbow, if there is no discomfort, you can start the course, if redness or itching occurs, return the course to the supplier and get your money back (manufacturers who value their reputation give up to 60 days of warranty on the ones they purchased course);
  • applying the cream in massaging movements from 1 to 3 times a day until the product is completely absorbed, in complex courses – the use of silicone pads and magnetic patches that enhance the therapeutic effect.
    Important: when applying the cream with massaging delicate movements, avoid applying it to the nipple halos so that the cream does not enter the main bloodstream through the milk ducts. Do not use during lactation.
    Apply for cream courses. Do not use it for more than 2 months without a break. This can cause the body to become addicted to hormones coming from outside and reduce their effect on nothing. A break between courses of 2-3 months will ensure the reliability of the result. But do not forget about care measures (massage, cosmetic products) in the period between courses of using a therapeutic agent.

6) Exercises do not work

Exercise for breast enlargement – myth or reality?

Whatever the fitness trainers say, it is impossible to enlarge the chest with exercise. This is due to the structural features of the mammary gland. It is located on the pectoral muscle, which can be “pumped up”, thus pulling up the bust.

But the main part of the female breast consists of glandular lipid tissue, the volume of which depends on the balance of estrogen and is not regulated by physical exercises. Rather, on the contrary, excessive enthusiasm for power loads in women leads to a decrease in adipose tissue and subsequently causes ptosis – prolapse of the mammary gland.

This does not mean that you need to abandon the physical activity. Moderate physical activity has a beneficial effect on the condition and elasticity of the skin. But in everything you need to maintain balance, and also remember to choose the right breast-supporting sports bras.

7) What women say about creams (from a third party from official sites you can take reviews)

Breast enhancement cream reviews

What is so attractive cream for breast augmentation? A few significant points that are full of reviews about this tool.
Eliminates the effects of breastfeeding – while feeding the baby, the lobes of the breast are filled with milk, but the end of it causes negative changes and the breast becomes like a deflated ball.

The components of the cream activate the division of the lipid cells of the mammary gland, which “fill” the breast and make it not only bigger, but also much more attractive.

It saves on consultations of a surgeon-mammologist – correction of the breast shape at the surgeon is a rather expensive procedure that requires significant funds and time for examination, consultation and purchase of implants. The purchase of cream for breast augmentation not only eliminates unnecessary trips to the doctor but also quickly enough gives a tangible result.

By the end of the third week, reflection in the mirror and tactile sensations cause only delight and positive emotions.
It helps to forget about expensive and uncomfortable push-up bras – it is no secret that for small breasts girls and women use special bras with a complex design and a lot of foam rubber, which is good only to wear in the northern latitudes and uncomfortable on the sea coast in the hot summer heat.

Breast cream is a way to forget about such underwear forever. Promotes confidence and increased libido. Appearance, which is the measure of our libido and sexual appetite, is equally important for both men and women. In the world, there are very few connoisseurs of small female breasts.

The most attractive men are the owners of cups of bra B or C. When a woman catches enthusiastic male looks, she feels welcome and confident. Cream for breast augmentation in just a couple of months will increase the breast by 2-3 sizes, which means that its owner will be able to feel like a queen!

8) Cream or pills? What to choose and why

Cream or pills – will they be defeated?

Pharmacological developments aimed at the study and synthesis of dietary supplements and creams for breast augmentation include the release of two forms of therapeutic agents – cream and tablets (bioactive additives). Which of these means is more effective?

In fact, by the composition of the components, they can be the same according to medical reviews. The difference is only in the method of application. Most often, for a faster effect, a breast augmentation course may include both cream and the use of a dietary supplement.

In some cases, when the regular application of the cream is not possible (on a business trip, a busy work schedule), the tablet simplifies the use of the drug and allows you to not interrupt the therapeutic course. A woman only has to choose a remedy, focusing on her preferences and the rhythm of life.

9) Medicine does not stand still, interesting facts about breast augmentation

The latest developments in the breast enlargement

Throughout the history of mankind, no matter what tricks women have gone to make their breasts attractive. Glass balls, rubber, ivory, and foam were used. Also, poor girls were offered to lean on cabbage and beer to stimulate the growth of the mammary glands.

Fortunately, modern developments are aimed at solving two problems, how to provide a quick and lasting effect, while maintaining the safety of the product.

The main problem of the female body, due to which the breast loses its shape, is a lack of sex hormones. Obtaining phytoestrogens and phytoprogesterone, the effect of which is most similar to the effect of female sex hormones is the main direction of pharmacology in the field of breast augmentation.

At the same time, the bulk of the breast is fat, so the second direction in the field of correction of the size of the mammary gland is the search for optimal components for stimulating lipogenesis (production and active division of fat cells).

To preserve youthful skin, synthetic or natural collagen is added to the products, providing a lifting effect and elasticity.

The balance of such components obtained in modern laboratories can provide a long-term effect of the increase and external attractiveness of the female breast. One such innovative developments are Volufiline ™, which is part of modern means for correcting the shape of the breast. Its 3% concentration contributes to the fastest and guaranteed result.

10) Conclusions

All means are good for victory, but not all of them are safe

The splendor of the female breast does not depend on the course of massage or active weight lifting. Such a delicate part of the female body requires special attention and a delicate balance of hormonal regulation. Since a lack of estrogen and blocking of progesterone leads to deplorable consequences for the female breast.

Innovations in the field of breast enlargement – a high-tech cream with a delicate balance of plant and hormonal components can work a miracle, and the result of its use will delight in three weeks. Do not deny yourself the opportunity to maintain your sexual attractiveness and splendor of the bust!

I hope this review will help you to enlarge your breast naturally!