Penomet Review and Guide. Does it Really Work? Results(Before/After)

Review by: Andrew J.Morno, MD, FACS

How Can the Penomet Hydro Pump Increase the Size of the Penis?

Today, more and more men are experiencing complexes associated with low sexual capacity. Problems can be physical and/or psychological.

One of the most real complexes today is the realization that their penis is not large enough. Against this background, sexual disorders, psycho-emotional shock, depression, and stress can occur.

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Penomet Quick Facts of 2022

Product: Penomet
Success rate:
# of customers: 450 000

Benefits: penis enhancement, erection enhancement, penis straightening, stamina enhancement, stops premature ejaculation
Manufacturer: Arctic Sea Limited(Iceland)
Certificates: CE Marking, SGS Certifications
Min results: 1 inch in length and 10% in girth (40 days)
Max results: 3 inches length and 30% in girth (180 days)
Warranty: Lifetime(gaiter system)
International Shipping: Available
Awards: Best New Product 2013, VENUS Jury Award 2014, Best Male Enhancement Device 2013
Prices: Penomet Standard package$127, Extra $197, Premium$297
Official site:

Penomet Benefits

The Penomet pump is a great way to increase the size of the penis without surgery. This painless and effective method allows the user, for a relatively short period of time, to stretch the cavernous tissues of the penis, which are responsible for a more impressive size. This Penomet review is written for those men who want to spend only 15 minutes a day to enlarge their penis by 3 inches.  

The increased blood flow after Penomet usage not only naturally stimulates the enlargement of the penis but also positively affects a powerful erection, preventing the possible development of premature ejaculation.

Types of Penomet Packages

VersionPenomet 3.0Penomet 3.0Penomet 3.0
GaitersForce 60, 65, 70, 75, 80Force 65, 70, 75Force 70
Digital Exercises HandbookYesYesYes
60-day Money BackYesYesYes
Shipping cost24$ world wide / US Free24$ world wide / US Free24$ world wide / US Free
Shower strapYesNoNo
Price$297 (save $310)$197 (save $91)$127 (save $42)
Order nowOrder nowOrder now
 To date, Penomet has a range of pumps, which come in different bundles
  1. The Standard package consists of one working flask and one gaiter (Force 70). The price is $127.
  2. The Penomet Extra includes 3 gaiters (Force 65, 70, 75). The price is $197.
  3. The Premium package is equipped with one working flask and 3 variants of gaiter (Force 60, 65, 70, 75), which are different in pressure force. The price is $297. Click here to order.

The first and perhaps main difference between all Penomet packages is the cost, which depends on the number of gaiters it includes.

Are you tired of feeling sexually disadvantaged and inferior? Then we recommend testing the positive effects of the Penomet hydro pump. It is a high-quality penis stretching device. It will increase the size of the penis by 15-25%. in a few months, The Penomet can also improve the user’s sexual capabilities. Click here to order the pump.

The painless impact of the hydro penis pump has already helped millions of men get rid of the most common complexes and fears that prevent a full sexual life.

The Bathmate Hydromax pump is a great alternative to Penomet. It’s made in the UK and is an all-in-one solution that can be used by beginners and advanced users. 

Which Hydro Pump Is Better: Penomet vs. Bathmate

Unlike vacuum-based pumps, the Penomet operates in two modes, which require different gaiters. The design of the device consists of a working flask and a pumping gaiter. In the basic kit, the Penomet is sold with just one gaiter, which can be replaced with separately purchased components.

The main difference between all gaiters is the force of pressure, which is created in the process of pumping.

Quick note
This pump can be used not only in water but also as a vacuum air device. A distinctive feature of the water device, as opposed to the vacuum-based analogs, is that it has a safer and painless effect.

The Bathmate Hydromax device can be used in the bath or shower only, but you need to choose the size of the pump in order to use it. You do not need to control the pumping pressure by yourself. The system is pretty safe and easy to use; you will not feel any side effects or discomfort.

How Do Penomet Pump Work?

The Penomet water pump is easy to use. The water environment significantly reduces rubbing and minimizes the likelihood of negative manifestations. Mechanical damage, hematoma, and straining of the tissue never occur while using the Penomet hydro pump.

When Should I Expect Results?

The duration of Penomet‘s effects depends on the physiological characteristics of the user’s body, as well as the regularity of usage. By using the hydro pump daily, the penis size will grow to the desired level after 6 months.

You can find Penomet customer reviews on penis enlargement forums, where men discuss their results and publish their strategy with the penis pump.

Exercise should be engaged in daily for at least 15-20 minutes. For the first 2-3 months, the manufacturer recommends using the hydro pump twice a day–once in the morning and once in the evening. For the next 3 months, one workout per day will be enough.

Men’s Opinions on Penomet’s Impact


Monitoring the forums has allowed the manufacturer to assess the effectiveness of its product. Many men say that using the Penomet has increased the size of their penis by more than 20%. At the same time, zero side reactions have been reported by the men using the pump.


Men note that the decisive point of using this penis pump is the minimum number of contraindications, according to blog post reviews we have found.

Another favorable factor experienced by Penomet users is the improvement of the sexual abilities of the body. Erections become more powerful and longer-lasting. The body becomes saturated with sexual power and energy.

The duration of sex can increase by 3 times, and premature ejaculation no longer disturbs users. Many men have also seen an improvement in the quality of their semen.

The Best Pump of 2022

Quality and guarantees

When buying a Penomet, users can receive quality assurance, which is the primary evidence of the device’s efficiency and safety.

Taking care of the reputation of its products, the manufacturer of the Penomet hydro pump can provide all its customers with quality certificates that were issued during the laboratory and clinical studies.

The pump is made of high-quality medical plastic and rubber, with the addition of silicon. Thanks to that, the lifetime of the Penomet pump is significantly increased. The material has excellent durability, which prevents any negative effects of mechanical or atmospheric factors.

How To Use the Penomet pump?

  • Using the Penomet pump is not complicated. Before use, fill the working flask with warm water. Before inserting the penis into the pump, steam the organ in warm water for 5 minutes. This will increase the efficiency of the pump and will make the process safer.
  • Fill the flask with lukewarm water, then put the penis inside the flask while tightly pressing the gaiter to the pubic area. Having made the installation airtight, begin pumping movements for 90-120 seconds.
  • Open the valve located at the base of the pump and release all the water from the flask. Remove the device and rest for 60 seconds. Then repeat this in 4 to 6 similar cycles. Afterward, set the pump aside and relax in warm water for 10 minutes.

Penomet Results

Let’s look at the quality features that distinguish the Penomet hydro pump from a lot of devices and remedies for penis enlargement:

  • A simple and painless way to stimulate enlargement
  • Positive results in a relatively short period of time
  • Preservation of the results for 6-12 months
  • A minimum number of contraindications
  • The absence of side reactions
  • Affordable price
  • A safe and efficient device, which is of high quality, as confirmed by appropriate certificates
  • Multiple benefits, including not only a larger penis, but also an improvement in the quality of sexual capabilities

You can find Penomet reviews that confirm these benefits.

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