Phallosan Forte Review. True Results(Before/After Pictures) and Usage

The small penis size and its curvature are the main causes of erectile dysfunction, the symptoms of which are manifested by a weak erection, decreased libido, and lack of orgasm.

In modern medicine, there are many penis extenders with which you can fix all sexual problems. A novelty in this direction is the Phallosan Forte new generation vacuum extender. The new operating mechanism gives a man a longer, thicker penis without surgery and pain.

Under the influence of vacuum and traction, which is created by tensioning the belt, the cave tissues of the penis are stretched, blood circulation is activated, and the penis increases in size. I will describe this device after 7 months of usage. This is my customer review with my own thoughts and tips.

Benefits of Buying Phallosan Forte

Along with a huge number of analogs, which in their mechanism of operation are completely different from Phallosan Forte, we can distinguish several advantages of the presented model:

  • A patented device that safely and efficiently extends the penis, making its size more impressive.
  • Correction of congenital or acquired penile curvature is a consequence of Peyronie’s disease.
  • A painless method that does not interfere with a person’s daily life.
  • The minimum number of contraindications and adverse reactions.
  • The affordable price of the extender allows all men to feel sexually strong and stable.
  • Certified product recommended by leading experts in the field of male intimate health.

Design Features of the Device

Before starting to use the Phallosan Forte penis extender, the user needs to understand its design. A feature of this expansion device is the absence of the usual metal rods that extend the penis. In this case, a special rubberized corrugation is responsible for this process, as well as a vacuum tip, which stimulates blood flow.

At the end of the plastic vacuum, the cap is a noose, through which the belt is passed. In turn, the belt is fixed around the hips.

Quick Note
Phallosan Forte has three plastic caps with a silicone condom, and the man selects the most suitable size option.

Why Buy Phallosan Forte?

 The acquisition of Phallosan Forte is an important aspect for all men who want to normalize their sex life and increase their penis size by up to 30%. The patented facility has undergone clinical trials several times during which its safety and effectiveness have been confirmed .

This penis extender is a certified device for penis enlargement; it is recognized as the most effective and safe way to increase penis size. That is why more and more global clinics for restoring male intimate health recommend that patients enlarge their penis naturally with a Phallosan Forte extender.

How Long do to Wait for the Results?

The duration of penis extender use directly depends on each organism’s physiological characteristics and the device’s correct use. As a rule, the first favorable changes become noticeable after a few weeks of use. But it makes no sense to stop because after a full course of operation, the duration of which is about 5-8 months, you can get the maximum result.

Did You Know?
The manufacturer claims that the main advantage of wearing the extender correctly and regularly is the lifelong preservation of the results.

Phallosan Forte Warranty & Delivery

Delivery of goods is carried out not only within the country of manufacture but also worldwide. The delivery time depends on the chosen shipping method. The average duration of delivery is about 1 month.

Having ordered an extender on the manufacturer’s official website provides customers with a guarantee of quality, efficiency, and safety. The manufacturer confirms all the advantages of its product, providing customers with official quality certificates.

Phallosan Forte Key FeaturesComparison and Review

All existing penis extenders use uncomfortable and sufficiently large metal rods in their working mechanism, which hinders movement and is visible under clothing. Phallosan Forte is an innovative design that is securely fixed to the penis with a thin strap, and instead of metal expanders.

Here, a vacuum tip is used, which is compact, and, therefore, not visible under clothing. The duration of daily wearing of analogs is about 10 hours. For the effective impact of Phallosan Forte on the current problem, only 5 to 8 hours of operation are enough.

Suppose you are tired of the eternal disappointments in bed and also want to surprise your soulmate with a sufficiently large penis. In that case, we recommend you to purchase this high-quality extender of a new generation.

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Using a traction device to solve length problems or correct curvature is based on natural physiology. There is no secret or magic – cells stretched by the traction mechanism are very stressed and activate reproduction to build up a new layer. The same principle is used for wearing braces in dentistry or the Ilizarov apparatus for building bone tissue in orthopedics. In andrology, a traction device is called an extender.

1) What are the Phallosan Forte and Phallosan Forte Plus Vacuum Extender? Review and facts

Features Phallosan Forte and Phallosan Forte Plus

For over 30 years, andrology and urology have been used with traction devices – penis extenders. The first clothes were quite imperfect and their use forced them to survive a lot of painful sensations on the way to achieving the desired effect.

Modern developments in this area aim to minimize the contact of the penis with the device itself and eliminate the risk of discomfort and pain. One of the most popular models, marked by thousands of positive reviews, is the Phallosan Forte and Phallosan Forte Plus.

Phallosan Forte is a unique tread vacuum system for enlarging and correcting penile curvature. A special belt mount allows for multidirectional action to achieve maximum results. The innovation of this modification is the possibility of increasing the trunk of the penis and the head.

Phallosan Forte Plus is an advanced model of the device. It is equipped with an additional force of up to 4.8 kg. It is intended not only for lengthening the penis but also for curvature correction. A belt kit allows you to provide traction in different directions for corrective action. The quality of the materials and the design feature allows you to use the modification during a night’s sleep or use up to 12 hours without the risk of injury.

2) How Vacuum Adhesion Technology Works

How does Vacuum Adhesion work?

Unlike common vacuum extenders, Phallosan Forte uses the principle of vacuum adhesion for fastening. An additional fixative is a gel, which, before putting on the extender, is applied to the membrane of the vacuum chamber and the head of the penis.

The structure and viscosity of the gel are provided:

  • simplification of getting the head inside the camera;
  • adhesion of the head and membrane to the camera;
  • reliability of fastening the entire device;
  • the comfort of use due to the absence of pulling and squeezing, characteristic of strap modifications;
  • lack of discomfort, numbness, and loss of head sensitivity, characteristic of strap extenders.

3) Advantages of the device: safety, comfort, result, no side effects


Unlike extenders of dubious quality and with one advantage – the lowest price, Phallosan Forte has gained popularity due to its comfort of use and complete safety for health.


When developing the Phallosan extenders, carried out jointly with the Fraunhofer Institute, materials approved for use in orthopedics and surgery were used without phthalates and harmful impurities that could cause an allergic reaction.


Due to the parts’ elasticity and full compliance with the anatomy, Phallosan Forte can not be removed until 12 hours. This feature allows you to use the extender even during a night’s sleep.

Therapeutic effect

Contrary to popular belief about the inefficiency of vacuum devices, Phallosan Forte is perfectly fixed on the penis and provides traction up to 4.8 kg. It is effective not only for changing the length of the penis but also for the active correction of curvature in different directions.

No side effects

The combination of favorable factors – safety and elasticity of materials, using Phallosan Forte completely eliminates side effects.

4) Clinical studies and recommendations of doctors (from the official website

Scientific rationale and clinical trial results

Phallosan is not limited to general scientific research on the therapeutic effect of expanders.

A study, “ Prospective study on the effects of a penile stretching system (Phallosan) for penile augmentation in patients with normal-sized penises ”, conducted at a urological clinic in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) under the supervision of Professor Dr. Sohn was held in July to January 2005. The study aimed to determine the effectiveness of using the Phallosan extender to enlarge the penis when worn for 6 months.

His results were published in the journal Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2006. The focus group was 36 men who wanted to enlarge their penis. As a method, the Phallosan Forte extender was used. The study period was 6 months, during which participants’ measurements and questioning were performed thrice. According to the results of the study:

  • the average result in all tested patients with an increase in length at the stage without an erection/erection when using 6 hours 5 days a week is 3.6 cm (1.41 inches) / 2.9 cm (1.14 inches);
  • the greatest result achieved after 6 months at the stage without an erection/erection when used 9 hours 6 days a week – 4.9 cm (1.9 inches) / 4.0 cm (1.47 inches)
  • 80% of participants are satisfied with the result and expressed a desire to continue using the extender;
  • More than 50% of participants reported favorable changes in the quality of erectile function, characterized by stability and long duration.

5) What is the design of the device – description of spare parts

Packages and materials

Extender delivery kit includes:

  • elastic strap for attaching the device to the hip or waist;
  • vacuum domed chamber with a special membrane – three sizes S, M and L are included in the basic package;
  • two tread caps for the head of the penis;
  • device for creating a vacuum – pump;
  • a key for adjusting traction (tightening the springs);
  • measuring template for camera selection;
  • instructions for the use of the device;
  • DVD with video instruction.

Phallosan Plus is an optional part of the basic kit and includes a mechanical device with traction, and adjustable rods that can generate forces of up to 4.8 kg.

Consumables purchased separately include:

  • elongated elastic strap;
  • interchangeable membranes for a dome-shaped chamber in the sizes of S, M, and L;
  • tread caps.

6) How to assemble a device?

Assembly instructions review

Assembly is carried out in several stages.

Stage 1. Preparation for assembly

Before assembling, measurements must be taken to select the appropriate vacuum chamber size. To do this, use the measuring template included in the delivery. Based on the measurement results, determine the size of the vacuum chamber.

Stage 2. Introduction

Before entering the penis into the camera, you must put on the tread cap on the head. After that, insert the penis into the chamber and press the valve of the air-pumping device to create a vacuum. Perhaps the first time, you need to perform 2-3 clicks.

Focus on your own feelings. You will feel that the penis is firmly fixed in the chamber, as the vacuum-adhesive technology allows you to hold the head safely.

If you are using Phallosan Plus, you need to fix the rods directly to the dome-shaped chamber, assembling the structure from the base and rods of the required length.

Stage 3. Creating the optimal level of tension

Using a loop, fasten the elastic strap to the device. On the body, it can be hooked in several ways: at the waist, over the shoulder, over the thigh, or knee. It is also necessary to focus on your feelings. It is important to alternate the mount to create a multidirectional load. This is especially important if the device is used to correct the curvature of the penis.

To adjust the degree of tension on the device, there is an indicator color scale, where the green level corresponds to the lowest load – up to 1 kg. Beginners should not force the load and should start from the lowest level. You must use the special key included in the delivery to increase the tension.

7) How can it be used?

Key indications for use

Phallosan Forte and Phallosan Forte Plus have proven themselves to change the size of the penis and correct its curvature, caused by both congenital pathology and Peyronie’s disease. The extender also helps to relieve symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Thanks to the presence of an elastic belt, it is possible to create an optimal load for correcting distortions. In just 6 months, you can achieve amazing results in penis enlargement of 1.9 inches (4.75 cm). The minimum tension force is 0.4 kg, and the maximum is 3 kg. To increase the tension, you can additionally use Phallosan Plus, which can create a force of 4.8 kg.

A feature of Phallosan Forte is the use of vacuum-adhesive technology, which provides reliable fastening without obstructing blood circulation. It is allowed to place the device under clothes so that you can use it during the working day imperceptibly for others.

Also, due to the materials’ elasticity, using an extender during night sleep is allowed. The longer you use the device, the faster the expected effect will come. But at the same time, it is important to focus on your feelings and comprehensively approach the solution to the problem.

8) Tips and tricks for use

How to Use Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte is the best option for those using the penis extender for the first time. This is due to a fairly mild tension effect and the absence of problems with impaired blood outflow.

First use

An important point during the first application is not to rush with the loads, the degree of tension, and the wearing time. Focus on your own feelings, and increase the load gradually. Use the adaptation period, gradually increasing the time of using the extender.

Load adjustment

An equally important point is the correct adjustment of the load. If, at first, a minimum tension force is needed, then later, it needs to be increased. In the absence of proper effort, the tissues of the penis cease to grow actively. Therefore, in any case, gradually, the tension force must be increased.

Adaptation period

Perhaps a week is enough for you, and it will take a month for someone to get used to a foreign body on their penis. In any case, do not hope that from the first day you can withstand 12 hours. It is best to start with an hour or two, gradually increasing the duration of the use of the extender.

Sleep use

For most men, using Phallosan Forte during a night’s sleep is the most comfortable way to use it. But if you sleep restlessly and often change your posture during sleep, you risk hurting yourself and not getting enough sleep. But there is no reason for concern since the extender is invisible under clothes so that you can use it in the daytime.

Work with the application

A special application, available for download to a smartphone on the Android platform, greatly simplifies the use of the extender. With its help, you can organize an individual use program and keep a training diary. Monitoring the changes will allow us to conclude that increasing the load or wearing time is necessary.

9) All the benefits: straightening the penis, enlarging the penis, improving the erection

Phallosan Forte Pros and Cons

Phallosan Forte is indispensable for those who first paid attention to such devices. The softness of its impact, and the ability to adjust the force and direction of tension make it a fairly versatile device. Of the main advantages, the following should be highlighted:

  • comfortable penis enlargement in length and diameter – due to the multidirectional load experienced by the tissues of the penis during the use of the extender, tissue growth, and blood flow are carried out, which together provide an excellent therapeutic effect;
  • effective correction of the curvature of the penis, regardless of the nature of the origin of the pathology – stretching of tissues and multidirectional fixation eliminate the curvature not only of a congenital nature but also arising from the appearance of fibrous plaques;
  • Improving erectile function – occurs due to the restoration of blood flow and saturation of the penis with oxygen due to increased blood circulation in the erectile tissues of the penis. After using the extender, an erection is characterized by significant hardness and stability;
  • increased attraction – the visible results of wearing the device provide increased self-esteem and self-confidence, which only contribute to increased sexual appetite;
  • elimination of erectile dysfunction – is provided due to increased circulation and stimulation of the prostate;
  • activation of sexual life – provided with a solution to the main problems solved with the help of Phallosan Forte.

10) What is the difference between rod extenders such as SizeGenetics?

The main differences from other modifications

Any modification of the extenders uses the same principle of action – lengthening the penis or correcting curvature by creating conditions for activating cell division of the erectile tissue of the penis.

A fundamentally important difference from models such as SizeGenetics is how the device is attached to the penis. Strap models are attached under the head of the penis, sometimes creating discomfort from squeezing the organ.

The consequence of such an arrangement of the fastening is a circulatory disturbance, pain, numbness, and, less often – the innervation of the head. Such unpleasant symptoms interfere with the prolonged use of the device. And with improper use, they completely discourage the desire to move on.

In Phallosan Forte, fastening is accomplished through the use of vacuum adhesion. At the same time, several advantages are achieved: the absence of impaired blood flow, pain, and the risk of numbness or loss of head sensitivity. Due to its mild effect, the extender is actively used even during night sleep.

11) What do users say?

Customer Reviews(Forums, Reddit)

Men worldwide discuss the effectiveness of Phallosan Forte in forums and share tips and application programs.

Rob, 36 years old: the penis curvature problem has recently become No. 1 for him. The sexologist advised using Phallosan Forte since the man doubted the painlessness of the procedure, but after two weeks he calmly endured a night’s sleep with him. As for the results, they are simply unbelievable, since by the end of the third month the curvature became almost invisible. Also in length, his “friend” added almost 1 inch. He believes that such a result is worth continuing to use the extender.

Willy, 24 years old: a young man from a teenage age was shy about his body. The result was low self-esteem and isolation. Andrologist appointed him Phallosan Forte as the main device to solve the problem. He cannot believe that he suffered for so long from his problem and that there is such a simple method to solve it. Only 6 months of daily use during night sleep and his penis “grew” 2 inches, and also became wider by 1 inch.

Matt, 57 years: used Phallosan Forte for 8 months. The man is very pleased with the result – 1 inch in length and 0.5 inch in width, and this despite the fact that he did not use the device very disciplinedly, taking significant breaks. The greatest delight is that he was able to overcome progressive age-related changes and restore erection and libido;

Anjem, 42 years old: switched to Phallosan Forte with a loop extender and is impressed by the comfort and ability to use his working hours. Feels like you can compare with a dense condom and absolutely does not interfere during the day. The man is sure that he will definitely not return to his previous extender.

Justin, 31 years old: until a certain point, he considered such devices a marketing ploy and completely useless. But, seeing an extra inch on the line after 2 months of daily 6-hour wear, he is very grateful to the German quality for the comfort and effectiveness of the device.

12) Using the Android app to plan a routine

Innovations for developing individual training

A special application has been developed for comfort and monitoring the use of Phallosan Forte. It is available for Android smartphones.

Benefits of using the app:

  • clear definition of purpose;
  • calculation of time to achieve a result;
  • individual program planning;
  • Monitoring intermediate results for more precise adjustment of load and direction of tension.

The features of the application are an excellent motivator for continuing training.

Stages of working with the application

  1. Download the application to your device – smartphone or tablet.
  2. Launch the app. On different devices, the shell may vary slightly.

At the first start, you will be taken to a toolbar showing the basic data for analysis and training. Re-entry is equipped with a tachometer panel with a color scale. One of them, “Wear Time,” illustrates your time to use the extender, and the second, “Continuity,” gives an idea of ​​the training frequency. The closer to the green section of each tachometer, the closer the desired result becomes.

To create an individual “scenario” of training, you must enter personal data, which will be located on 4 separate tabs available for editing:

  • 1 tab – here you need to enter the age, size data, such as the length and width of your penis, with measurements of both erect and calm state ;.
  • 2 tab – you need to enter data on planned workouts so that the application can remind you of the upcoming workout time;
  • 3 tab – preferred teaching method;
  • 4 tab – prospective training goals.
  1. To start a workout. You must press the large button on the screen. Mark the end of the workout by pressing again. This is necessary to record data about your use of the extender.
  2. Regularly – once every 7 days, enter data on intermediate results. These measurements will allow you to adjust the mode to achieve the goal successfully.
  3. The application’s functionality is available in the “Menu” icon in the upper left corner. Here you can also find the technical support number.

13) Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to current questions

Since Phallosan Forte has a rather unusual structure, it can cause distrust among users at first acquaintance. Below are the most relevant issues related to using the device.

How safe is the vacuum-adhesion type extender

Phallosan Forte is manufactured according to European and international safety and quality standards EN 980, EN ISO 14971, and EN ISO 10993-1. Materials The devices used for production have been tested for biocompatibility and do not cause adverse reactions in contact with skin.

How long should I wear for the first change?

The first visual changes can be noticeable at the end of the first week of use. But it is impossible to unequivocally say about their size since this can be affected not only by the training regimen but also by the characteristics of the user’s body and the use of additional methods, massages—bioactive additives.

How to care so as not to harm?

It is enough to wash with a non-aggressive cleaning agent. It is important to test for allergies.

What penis size is the device suitable for?

Phallosan Forte is designed for penises longer than 4 cm. Three sizes of the vacuum chamber are included in the package, from which you can choose the optimal one or switch to the next size after changing the volume of the penis.

Are the results permanent?

If you use an extender for at least 6 months, the results will be irreversible. Only in some cases, with minimal use, did they return to their original size.

Do I need to remove the extender to urinate?

Of course, it must be removed for urination. This must be done for reasons of hygiene.

Is there a risk of injury when used while sleeping?

Using Phallosan Forte during sleep usually does not cause discomfort, even during involuntary nocturnal erections. Therefore, you can quite safely use it during a night’s sleep.

What results are guaranteed by the manufacturer?

It is impossible to indicate the magnitude of the proposed changes since they are influenced by many factors: time, discipline, tension, and auxiliary means. According to testing, the maximum result was 4.9 cm in length over 6 months with 9 hours of use 6 times a week.

How the extender affects an erection?

Since training with Phallosan Forte enhances blood circulation in the penis and pelvic organs and also has a stimulating effect on the prostate, this in combination, significantly improves the quality of erectile function and helps to eliminate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

If the length of the penis increases, will it not become thinner?

No, because Phallosan Forte uses not only muscle stretching technology but also builds up a new layer of cells in the place where they are under maximum load. Thus, an increase in the penis is achieved not only in length but also in width.

14) The best choice, German quality, result, hypoallergenic


The patented orthopedic extender for penis enlargement and correction of its curvature has gained sufficient popularity among men due to its comfortable effect on solving male problems.

Using innovative materials that are safe for the thin skin of the penis allows you to wear the penis extender for up to 12 hours without a break. This mode helps to achieve incredible results and therapeutic effects.

Using Phallosan Forte allows you to forget about problems such as:

  • small size or thickness of the penis;
  • problems with erection;
  • Peyronie’s disease or congenital curvature of the penis.

Using a strong, but rather soft traction with the possibility of multidirectional fastening, using Phallosan Forte guarantees lasting results and excellent male health!