Best Premature Ejaculation Pills, that are Officially Approved

Review by: Darius Goldstein, MD, FACS

Premature ejaculation is characterized by fast sex and a minimal amount of seminal fluid. You are talking about premature ejaculation when the duration of penetrative sex does not exceed 2-3 minutes or shorter.

If you experience this sexual disorder, then it is now necessary to start taking natural premature ejaculation pills like ProSolution Plus that will normalize all sexual functions.

The principle of early ejaculation tablets is based on a natural formula like ProSolution Plus, which has components that naturally trigger all sexual systems and mechanisms. The aggregate effect of these supplements not only solves the problems you have with premature ejaculation but also improves the quality and power of the erection, and prolongs sex, making it more sensitive and fulfilling.

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64% IMPROVEMENT IN PE (American Journal of Therapeutics)

#1. Prosolution Plus™ (500 000+ customers)

We will introduce you to the principle of the active formula of popular herbal supplements that prevent premature ejaculation. ProSolution Plus is the top-rated supplement, and it improves the quality of your erection, making the penis firm and hard. It significantly increases the level of general sexual function.

In 98% of cases, the fact of premature ejaculation becomes an unpleasant past memory, which does not bother you anymore. Click here to learn more about Prosolution Plus.

Prosolution Plus™ brief review:

Rank: #1
Success rate: 92%
Years on the market: 15
Customers: 500 000+
First/max results: 7 days /360 days(permanent)
Benefits: improvement in sexual satisfaction(78%), premature ejaculation(64%),
erection quality(67%),
sexual function(48%)
Prices: 1 month package$69.95,
2 months $119.95(save $39),
3 months – $164.95(save $74),
4 months – $209(save $109),
5 months $259.95(save $144)
6 months – $299.95(save $179)
12 months – $429.95(save $529). Order now
Manufacturer: Leading Edge Health (USA)
100% natural
Side effects: No
International Shipping: Available, Free shipping
Approved by: Dr. Dave E. David
Money-back guarantee: 60 days
As seen on: CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, American Journal of Therapeutics
Official site:

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Prosolution Plus Results

The developer of the ProSolution Plus claims that his product can cope with the signs of premature ejaculation in only two months. A short enough time allows you to regain confidence in your intimate capacities.

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Prosolution Plus ingredients

We will not delve into the composition of each of the preparations, but in general terms, we will cover the essential ingredients in ProSolution Plus formula:

  • Mucuna Pruriens enhances sexual arousal and makes orgasms more sensitive;
  • Withania Somnifera strengthens the blood flow in the penis, which provides a powerful erection over an extended period;
  • Asparagus root contributes to increased stress resistance, and also removes inflammatory processes in the body;
  • Tribulus Terrestris is a natural aphrodisiac, which promotes sexual arousal, and raises blood pressure, which positively affects the quality and potency of erections;
  • L-arginine stimulates the production of nitric oxide in the body, which is necessary for a powerful erection, prolonged sex, and a sustained erection. This amino acid removes fatigue and eliminates depression, which contributes to the emergence of premature ejaculation;
  • Vitamin B6 increases sexual stamina.

#2. DELAY formula

Another treatment worth of your attention is DELAY pills. It helps the body to regulate the hormones responsible for the process of ejaculation.

Thus, the duration of the sexual act increases by more than 20%. The main advantage of DELAY pills is a powerful impact on the problem by working from the inside.

DELAY brief facts:

Rank: #2
Success rate:
Years on the market: 10
Money back: 60 days
Customers: 150 000+
First/max results: 20 days (20%)/180 days (64%)
Benefits: last 5-10 times longer, longer-lasting sex, increased libido and stamina, firmer erections
Prices: 1 bottle – $49.95, 3 bottles – $109.95(save $39), 6 bottles – $199.95(save $99)
Produced by: Ultra Herbal(FavStore)
International Shipping: Available
Official store:

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That is to say, the current formula helps to regulate hormones on the inside. Unlike other pills, DELAY does not simply mask the problem by fixing only symptoms but acts from the inside to get the root problem fixed.

Delay ejaculation results

After you have completed the course – the positive effects will last for at least 12 months. To order DELAY officially, click here.

The manufacturer of DELAY pills gives specific information about the duration of sex, which can be achieved for a specified period of treatment:

Get more facts about DELAY

  • A 60-day course of DELAY treatment will increase the duration of sex up to 6-8 minutes;
  • In three months it will be possible to achieve a result of 12-14 minutes;
  • For a six-month period, the sex session will exceed 20 minutes.

#3. Climax Control

The action of Climax Control pills is fundamentally different from the existing formulas of competitors.

Climax Control contains components that work to combat the causative agents of premature ejaculation – eliminating mental stress, increasing stress resistance, and getting rid of the penile hypersensitivity

Climax Control quick info:

Rank: #3
Success rate: 85%
Years on the market: 8
Money-back guarantee: 90 days
Approved by: Dr. Lawrence Katz
Customers: 100 000+
First/max results: 21/180 days
Benefits: Better ejaculation control, stronger and firmer erections, improved sexual stamina and satisfaction
Ingredients: 100% herbal
How to take: 15 mins before sex
Prices: 1 month – $59.00, 3 months – $117, 6 months – $177
International Shipping: Yes
Official store:

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The product is manufactured by the leading Canadian brand, which has all the necessary certificates of quality, efficiency, and safety. All of the above remedies affect the same problem. You can order Climax Control here.

To achieve the long-awaited effects of taking Climax Control, a man must undergo a course of premature ejaculation treatment lasting from 1 to 12 months.

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As a percentage, the patient receives the following result with Climax Control:

  • 60 days – 44%,
  • 90 days – 66%,
  • 120 days – 90%,
  • 6 months – 94%
  • 100% result will be achieved after 1 year.

#4. DuraMale

DuraMale is a popular remedy, that helps to delay your ejaculation by 7-16 minutes. It was approved by Dr. Sam Millain(Quebec, Canada). Learn more.

The formula includes 7 natural components like Indian Ginseng and Penniloty, which are used in the Ayurvedic system of medicine to delay ejaculation and improve sexual pleasure. The first results can be seen in 7-14 days if you take one pill every day.

Discover Duramale results

It’s all about the control over your ejaculation, DuraMale helps you to concentrate on your frictions to please a partner.

Once you feel you can stay longer, it works even better because of the psychological aspect which is responsible for quality sex, when you can satisfy your partner and get an explosive orgasm.

The overall success rate of this pill is 79%, that’s why the manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can try DuraMale because it’s safe and proven effective. Click here to order DuraMale.

DuraMale quick facts:

Rank: #4
Success rate: 79%
Years on the market: 8
Money back: 30 days
Customers: 100 000+
First/max results: 7 days/180 days (permanent)
Benefits: DuraMale improves ejaculation control, sexual, stamina, and desire
Ingredients: 100% plant-based
How to take: 1-2 capsules twice a day
Prices: 1 bottle – $54.95, 3 bottles – $129.95(save $34), 6 bottles – $239.95(save $199)
Int. Shipping: Available
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Comparison table

#NameSuccess rateCustomers
1Pro Solution Plus $36 / bottle92%500 000
$49 / bottle
89%150 000
3Climax Control
$59 / bottle
85%80 000
$54 / bottle
79%100 000
$39 / bottle
68%60 000
$49 / bottle
65%50 000
7Rizer XL
$49 / bottle
57%40 000

How to take delay ejaculation medicine?

All the proposed remedies for improving the sexual health of men(ProSolution Plus, DELAY Pills, Climax Control, DuraMale) should be taken according to the instructions that are prescribed by the manufacturer. As a rule, the use of the supplement is limited to 1 pill, once a day.

All of the above remedies affect the same problem by individual methods, which are incorporated in the work of the current formula.

The duration of PE treatment with various supplements is in the range of 2-12 months. Even though the producers of these pills use only natural ingredients in their products, their names, quantity, and dosage differ significantly from each other.

As for the course of treatment, everything here depends on the specific remedy you choose. ProSolution Plus gives the fastest and longer-lasting results, that’s why I recommend this formula.

People who are hypersensitive to specific components of the ProSolution Plus remedy should be cautious about taking PE pills. It is not recommended to take medicine for people who have not reached adulthood, as well as older men, over the age of 65 years.

How to treat premature ejaculation with pills?

Many men who are concerned about their intimate health are trying to find safe and effective drugs to eliminate sexual dysfunction, including PE problems. But where can we buy an original and safe biologically active food additive?

It is best to make ProSolution Plus your preference because this is the most popular pill on the market. That is the only way a customer can be guaranteed to receive high-quality supplements at an affordable price.
Did you know?
The authenticity of all delay supplements is easy to verify. Any self-respecting manufacturer provides customers with information regarding the certification of the goods sold.

All necessary documents should be placed on the pages of an Internet resource in the public domain. Thus, the client can independently get acquainted with the information required for him.

ProSolution Plus pills for men have repeatedly passed quality, efficiency, and safety tests in clinical and laboratory trials. Therefore, when buying a product on the official website of the manufacturer, you provide yourself with a high-quality product that is not capable of causing side reactions.

Do not believe advertising on third-party resources and do not purchase supplements from intermediaries. Such experiments can lead to the most unexpected and sometimes dangerous consequences. You should buy only well-known products like ProSolution Plus with a perfect reputation.

It’s time to get rid of your sexual problems

Constant disappointments in the bedroom have already become the norm for you and your sexual partner? It’s time to change these standards for the better.

The herbal remedies of [#1]ProSolution Plus, DELAY Pills, Climax Control, DuraMale are innovative developments from qualified specialists who have helped men around the world cope with the most common sexual problems. With the regular use of herbal ejaculation supplements, all sexual functions are normalized, your well-being improves, and your nervous system becomes more resistant to external factors.
The cost of competing supplements is significantly different. Too high a price can indicate two factors: the first is that the developer is using expensive raw materials during the production of the supplement, and the second is that the company is investing a significant amount of finance into an advertising campaign that is aimed at promoting the brand.

ProSolution Plus has a price of $36 per bottle if you choose the 12-month package. This is the best price for this high-quality supplement. Click here to place an order.

Prosolution Plus is my preferred treatment today

Andrew J.Morno, MD

“Enough time has passed exhausting yourself with the use of ineffective and unsafe drugs that can harm the body. It is time to act in a new way, along with the best world developments that the whole world knows today. My best recommendation is to choose Prosolution Plus as your primary premature ejaculation treatment”.

Premature ejaculation is a problem that I have suffered from all my adult life. Moreover, I know that I am not alone, hundreds of millions of men all over the world have experienced the same thing as me. Many of them are trying to correct the situation:

  • They visit doctors in the hope that they will prescribe a medicine for them.
  • They are trying to find some pills in the pharmacy.
  • They begin to learn various tips on the Internet about how they can’t ejaculate too quickly.
  • Many begin to use well-known techniques to combat this problem.
  • Many begin to take sedatives, as it seems to them that their nervous system is shaken
  • Some people, understanding the energetic nature of the problem, begin to engage in various energy practices, such as Reiki. There are also manuals like “Taoist Secrets of Love” that tell you how to properly direct your sexual energy to prevent premature ejaculation.
  • Many people try different diets to give their body important trace elements that cause problems with sexual functions.
  • Some specifically masturbate trying to delay ejaculation. And sometimes they specifically masturbate before sex so as not to end at a crucial moment
  • Yoga and meditation help balance your energy – physical and mental

But the truth is she is somewhere in the middle! I struggled with this problem for several years until I developed my own strategy for getting rid of this ailment. I will share with you my workflow in detail and you will understand why this strategy is so effective and will suit everyone. It is based on the correct powerful formula called Prosolution Plus, in fact, there are others – more about them in the article.

And I would like to start by updating this problem for everyone.

Why premature ejaculation is one of the main problems in your sex life?

We are used to the fact that we ejaculate too early and pay attention to it only when a crucial moment arrives. You prepared for this night of love, everything was created perfectly: the atmosphere, a wonderful evening, a delicious dinner, wine, you are already burning with desire, but she does not even know how much you are burning.

You are not only thinking about sticking your penis in it, but you are also worried about how long you will last until orgasm. A year ago, when I just started solving problems and I was 38 years old, I could finish almost immediately as I entered a woman.

Of course, it all depended on many factors – whether I drank alcohol before sex, and he helped me to stay well, it was important whether I could relax in the current situation (you yourself know that sex is not always about at home, where I controlled ejaculation better), how much I liked the girl, how much passion swept me, whether I slept well before that. I don’t even know how many more reasons to call.

I was scared and offended – I so wanted sex all night long. I remember one of my girlfriends who simply excited me, I had been trying to get her for almost a month, I was only thinking about her. And after the very first night, I did not see her again. Yes, I screwed up – I finished in 2 minutes in a condom, which I put on to better control ejaculation. It didn’t help, we had been doing preliminary caresses for so long that I was ready to explode. When I finished, I continued to have sex, but I realized my cock is already falling.

Because of this, I had incidents when a condom with sperm inside flew off and had to get contraceptives from the closet. The girl is frightened, angry and does not understand what is happening. In fact, many girls are aware of the problem of premature ejaculation in men.

On top of that, I had a small penis, and here it is. In short, my sex life was a complete upset and I spent a lot of time and effort to fully control ejaculation today. I did it, but how! I can have sex for 30-40 minutes without ending and this is a permanent result. I will tell you how I got it, and so that you understand the whole truth of my story, I will delve into the details that can only be known by the person who suffered from the problem and solved it.

My strategy

  1. Taking Prosolution Plus supplements ( you can use DELAY, Climax Control, Duramale or Ejacutrol as an alternative )
  2. Using start and stop techniques with regular masturbation
  3. Energy Practices with the Taoist Secrets of Love Book
  4. Physical exercise
  5. Balanced diet

So, I divided my recovery from the disease into 5 stages and I will tell about each separately. In fact, now I see these stages, before that, I just acted consistently.

Stage 1 – Problem Identification

So, with my problem, I went to my urologist and told him that I could not restrain ejaculation for longer than 3 minutes. He informed me that this is not a disease, this is how my impaired sexual function works. In my case, the associated this with vegetal vascular dystonia, which I told him about. I am nervous, easily excitable, I have a fairly strong erection, sex for me is an essential part of life. He advised me to go to a psychologist.

I listened to his advice and told the psychologist about my problem, I was surprised, but it seems I initially needed to go to him. He told me exactly about my reasons and pointed out that I think too much about sex, that I can not control my emotions. And this is partly due to the shaky nervous system. And this is a physiological problem. But with premature ejaculation, everything is more complicated. There are a number of reasons.

The main causes of premature ejaculation

The psychologist told me that there can be many reasons:

  • My own physiology, vegetal vascular dystonia
  • Features of my nervous system
  • Mental problems
  • Character
  • Surviving diseases
  • Chronic diseases
  • Malnutrition
  • Hormonal problems
  • Lack of important trace elements in the body
  • Overweight

The doctor advised me to approach the solution of the problem comprehensively. I remember our last conversation with him – I was very impressed with what I heard and everything turned out to be true.

The conclusion from the 1st stage

  1. I decided to pick up and buy dietary supplements that are designed to combat premature ejaculation.
  2. I downloaded the Taoist Secrets of Love online book and downloaded it to my phone to read at a convenient time.
  3. I decided to run in the mornings and practice on the horizontal bar
  4. I ordered a healthy diet. Every day they brought me a balanced diet that was rich in vitamins and minerals to improve my sexual functions.
  5. I started using the start and stop techniques that I found on the Internet

So that we understand each other better, let’s go back to the definition of premature ejaculation

So, premature ejaculation is when ejaculation occurs earlier than you or your partner wants it during sex. You cannot control this process or prevent it. Premature ejaculation is also called early ejaculation, ejaculation too fast.

So, in most cases, such ejaculation occurs unintentionally, men cannot somehow influence its containment. There are various tips on how to do this:

  • You need to squeeze the head or base of the penis trunk with your hands
  • You need to quickly remove the member to avoid overexcitation
  • Need to stop the frictions
  • You need to try to calm down to reduce your heart rate.
  • It is necessary to normalize breathing, make it calm and deep

But in fact, it is possible to restrain ejaculation purely physiologically only if you strengthen your sexual functions. This is possible with the help of special tablets, such as Prosolution Plus, Climax Control , Duramale, Ejacutrol. Their action is aimed at relaxing the muscles of the penis, due to sharp contractions of which ejaculation occurs.

You probably notice how your heart beats at maximum speed during sex, how you breathe faster, how you can’t stop stimulation and ejaculation with the help of the penis muscle.

With a natural stimulant, you can help yourself to keep ejaculation. This is due to the action of active substances that strengthen potency and help strengthen your male strength. In many ways, this is the ability to control ejaculation. If you cannot do this, then at this stage you have certain problems with potency. And speech is not the power of an erection but in your stamina and perception of sex.

According to statistics in the world, about 40% of men suffer from this ailment. Moreover, about 25% of men at different periods of life may suffer premature ejaculation. Those. There is some kind of problems with the ability to restrain ejaculation at the right time. The duration of such periods can vary from short to long.

Male self-esteem

In fact, premature ejaculation affects male self-esteem, and this is psychological problems. Men begin to complex due to their inability to have sex for more than 5-10 minutes. It upsets men and can even drive you into depression. Especially if the sexual partner shows his dissatisfaction. Although all these are natural and natural things, the girl remains unsatisfied, even if she tells you that everything is fine.

None of the men want to feel weak in bed. This is especially offensive if you have no problems with an erection. That is why you should now be as motivated as possible to get rid of this problem, especially since it is quite real and harmless to health.

Anyway, all this leads to problems in relationships – people get divorced, diverge, live in a state of dissatisfaction.

You yourself know, if your sex life is not going well, you constantly go unhappy, scream at everyone, get annoyed and constantly want sex. In women, too, about the same – without realizing, a woman unsatisfied with sex is full of negative emotions and irritation.


I weighed the pros and cons and I can confidently say that there is a point in the fight against premature ejaculation and you must succeed. One victory will bring you closer to another and, ultimately, you will win this battle for your sexual freedom, relaxedness, and pleasure.

Conventional pills do not work

If you come to the doctor and tell him your problem, as I did, you may be prescribed some medications – antidepressants, products from erectile dysfunction, and sedatives. All this can work in a certain way and give some kind of short-term effect, while all these pills can cause you side effects.

Understand that today, official medicine has not come up with a single drug that can affect the ability to control ejaculation. At the same time, alternative medicine has successfully coped with this ailment for more than 10 years. The whole point is in natural ingredients, natural extracts that positively affect your potency.

Understand that there is no specific problem of premature ejaculation or erection, stamina in sex, there is a general state of your potency. If you see that your erection is short-term, that ejaculation is too fast, the amount of sperm is too small, if you have increased irritability, this is evidence of health problems in your body. Often fast ejaculation is associated precisely with your nervous system.

If you are irritable, easily excitable, you have hypersensitivity, you need to take pills like Prsolution Plus, which reduce the activity of your nervous system, restoring mood, self-control, self-confidence. Taking these pills, I seemed to feel a surge of energy, but the state is not the same as after 2 cups of coffee drunk, but rather it is calm energy that relaxes, soothes, fills with strength and gives control.

This is the action of natural extracts, among the properties of which is the filling with masculine strength.

Official medicine does not have an answer to your question – how to restrain ejaculation. And all because the nature of this problem is more emotional, largely depends on your character and only then – medical.

It’s true – stress, illness, injuries can affect the state of your potency, your nervous system, aggravate sensitivity. But even then antidepressants will not help you. You need treatment and normalization of health. If you are plagued by chronic problems, they make your nervous system work to the limit. Then you definitely need to know that you must overcome your illness before you begin to normalize sexual functions. You have a single organism and, for the most part, you cannot share the problems in sex and your well-being.

If you are healthy, feel fine, if you exercise, eat right, sleep well, you do not have constant stress and maximum workloads. If you have a romantic relationship, if you have an energy connection with your sexual partner and you trust each other, then you just need to make up for the loss of trace elements and vitamins in your body to gain complete control over your sexual functions, including the ability to control ejaculation. In such cases, supplements are the easiest way to fix the problem, reduce your excessive excitability and susceptibility in order to enjoy sex.

This is the state I came to.

Stage 2 – choosing pills for premature ejaculation

So, in the first stage, I identified my problem and found out that:

  • I have no physiological problems, except for vegetal vascular dystonia and an asthmatic component. But is this not the reason?
  • The main cause of problems with ejaculation, I considered nervousness. Those. my nervous system was shaken. I have been working at the computer all my conscious life and I have enough nervous work, irritable, I am very worried about the result and some kind of business problems
  • I decided to choose a natural complex of tablets for myself, having studied dozens of different offers, I found reviews about Prosolution Plus on the forums, there were so many and they were so inspiring that I decided to buy a full course. Moreover, these tablets have undergone clinical trials, they are recommended by doctors and they are sold by a well-known pharmaceutical company. The price was also quite reasonable.
  • I started doing kegel exercises to strengthen my muscle LC
  • Eliminated fatty foods and coffee from his diet
  • I found an excellent set of home exercises that I installed on my phone – there were video instructions, the ability to record the result, all this gave me more confidence in my physical form. I had a yoga mat, several dumbbells, and an exercise bike. All this suited me enough.

Sudden quarantine – a reason to take care of yourself

Yes, the problem with the spread of coronavirus forced everyone to lock themselves at home. Try to use this time for your sexual self-realization and cultivation. You can monitor the intake of pills, study the kegel exercises to strengthen the LC of the muscle, which is responsible for the control of ejaculation.

In general, this should be a time for you when you change your habits, tune in a new way in order to take control of your excitability, stop being nervous, compress and become engaged in your sexual and mental health.

Stage 3 – implementation of the strategy

I began to read a lot and engage in my sexual health. Prosolution Plus pills came to me a week later in a package without identification marks, no one knew that inside was the most advanced formula for controlling ejaculation. But I did not understand this right away, because the first results from taking Prosolution Plus I received only after 3 weeks and they really inspired me.

Every day I spent about 40 minutes riding a stationary bike, doing push-ups, pumping and working out with dumbbells.

I spent 10 minutes kegel exercises, start and stop techniques. I read a lot – Taoist secrets of love, one might say – meditated. My goal was to learn to control my energy and divert it from the penis, otherwise, there would be an explosion – ejaculation.

I often masturbated and tried to stop ejaculation using the techniques I read. He clamped the trunk of the penis at the base at the moment when he felt that I was finishing. Then he also clamped the head of the penis. He stopped, balanced his breathing, continued masturbation.

When a girl could not come to me, I ordered an erotic massage home. The girl massaged me with oil completely naked for about 40 minutes and then I had sex with her and told her how to behave. By the way, it was a good practice, I stopped, restored my breathing, then again continued to fuck her and monitored the pace.

By the way, sex with a girl for money was very different from usual. I didn’t feel that I could end up, but I focused clearly on my feelings. Just a month after my training, I tried sex with my girlfriend and could last 15 minutes. Can you imagine It was a 3x increase in time? I did not bring her to orgasm, but I was close to that.

Stage number 4 – work on the result

At this pace, I have been holding out for almost 4 weeks, I had the first result and it inspired me to move on. I took 2 tablets of Prosolution Plus daily and began to engage in energy practices less. I felt that my excessive tension in the penis had subsided and I connected it with Prosolution Plus. Agree, I do not want to waste time on the techniques of the skittle, to train to control ejaculation, if you can simply control your energy due to a more relaxed state in sex.

Stage # 5 – the routine you have been following for months

And really, the second month I passed under the division, I was tired of everything. I only took pills, because I no longer had the strength to think about anything other than my work and some of my own affairs. But I received the necessary charge and periodically went in for sports and followed a healthy diet.

The beginning has already been made, now there was a hope that the tablets will give a cumulative effect and I continued to take them for a long 12 months. But after 6 months I began to see rapid growth in results. I could already stay in bed for up to 20 minutes, and this time was enough to satisfy my girlfriend.

But it was not enough for me. I broke up with her when she found out that I could order prostitutes at home. I could not help myself, the girls for sex had sex much better and even anal. They knew everything and I liked to call different because I wanted to see how I can keep ejaculating with different girls.

Unfortunately, I’m not handsome and I just couldn’t get to know the girl and drag her to sex, but since I made good money I had very beautiful partners for sex. With a good figure, with beautiful shapes, young with such mouth-watering. I paid them for sex and got the result, I could completely concentrate on keeping the erection and it worked.

In a year, I can have sex for up to 30 minutes without ejaculating, and I even managed to reach several bodies without ejaculating. I trained my LC muscle periodically and began to realize that my excessive irritability and sensitivity was gone, I just became less nervous and stressed, I sat a little less at my computer and spent time on sports.

It is important to enjoy life around without a phone or computer. In many ways, walks with the dog that I started helping me. A cute puppy of a shepherd simply conquered me with its face, and frequent walks with it allowed me to reconsider my life guidelines in favor of health, including sexual health.

But let’s now go back to the figures on premature ejaculation.

What is the average duration of sex in the world? Many clinical studies show that men ejaculate on average 4-11 minutes after the onset of sexual intercourse. For the most part, both men and women note that sex for 11-30 minutes is a very long time and is rare, but it takes so much time to give a woman pleasure.

In the event of a problem with premature ejaculation, you don’t need to be a doctor or take special tests to understand that ejaculation in 1-5 minutes is not enough and you have a problem if this applies to you.

Or maybe it’s natural?

Did you know that quick ejaculation is absolutely normal for some men? Those. Yes, this is a big problem when you want to satisfy a woman or assert itself as a lover. But this is normal in terms of physiology. But even in this case, taking pills to control ejaculation such as Prosolution Plus, Climax Control, Duramale, Ejacutrol can help in order to prolong the duration of sexual intercourse.

You can influence it no matter what – is it normal or not from the point of physiology. There are generally accepted norms and rules if you cum quickly – nobody needs you as a lover. If you quickly finish, you will not please anyone. And it doesn’t matter if it’s normal or not if your sex life becomes a nightmare.

If you finish too quickly, it can begin to form complexes in you, psychological and even mental problems. All this can further affect your emotional state, it also leads to many physiological problems. If you stop rejoicing in sex and sexual intimacy, you will begin to grow embittered towards women who do not accept you as you are.

For example, this is why I ordered prostitutes, it was easier for me to negotiate with them, I relaxed in sex because I knew that I paid for my sex and they are obliged to give me pleasure. I should not have delivered it to them. This is a big difference. When you have premature ejaculation, it is difficult for you to give pleasure to a sexual partner and get him in return.

Does it make sense to see a doctor?

Again, in 90% of cases, you do not need to see a doctor get rid of problems with premature ejaculation. This is not so much a medical problem as a psycho-emotional one. And here only you can figure it out using the methods described in this article.

I solved my problem on my own, but I spent some time composing my strategy and strength to follow it. You can go the simplest way and just buy a complex of natural tablets, such as Prosolution Plus, Climax Control, Duramale or Ejacutrol, or you can do everything that I chose for my strategy. Those. exercises, energy practices, healthy eating, and a healthy lifestyle. It’s up to you to decide, it’s up to you to choose, but the results show that a comprehensive strategy is much more effective in combating premature ejaculation.

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