ProExtender Review, Instruction, Forst and Final Results

PROextender: the reality of the results

Men think about the penis enlargement with the same frequency with which women publish articles on the topic “Does it matter?” On their blogs. Such motivation, fueled by the questions “Have you already entered?”, “Aren’t you cold?” once again encourages men to action.

1) Rod-strap penis extenders – how do they work?

Reliability of the strap: the principle of operation of the strap extender

Penis enlargement can be done in different ways. Surgeons offer plastic surgery and falloprosthetics, cosmetologists – hyaluronic acid injections and pumping, massage therapists – Jelking technique, Taoist practices.

But the least traumatic and most effective is the penis tractions method. Its use is not associated with the risks characteristic of surgical intervention: infections, fibrosis, asymmetry, chronic pain, and innervation with a complete loss of sensitivity. In andrology, this method is implemented in an orthopedic device – an extender. It consists of two rings connected by adjustable rods.

The action of the extender in andrology is comparable to the Ilizarov apparatus in reconstructive surgery for bone tissue growth. When tissues are tensioned, cells actively build up layer by layer, increasing the length of the organ. Using various types of inclinations and tension forces, the device also helps to correct various types of curvatures.

2) PROextender – it’s the same JES extender. The first extender in the world

When the first is really the best

JES extender or ProExtender is the development of a Danish specialist in the field of plastic surgery and andrology Dr. J. Siana, MD This is the first device of its kind to pass a clinical trial in 1998. PROextender, manufactured by Leading Edge Herbals, Greeley, CO, USA and is an American analog of Danish development.

The modification combines the reliability of the classic version and an innovative approach to the selection of materials for production and accessories for the delivery.

Today, PROextender is actively used by private and state clinics in the USA and Spain. This demand is due to the versatility of the device. PROextender is equally effective as:

  • the main method in the treatment of Peyronie’s disease (curvature of the penis due to the formation of fibrous plaques);
  • the main method for increasing the length and girth based on traction therapy;
  • an auxiliary method to prevent scarring and fibrotic changes after surgery (falloprosthetics, ligamentotomy, falloplasty).

3) Quality and proven action

ProExtender Results and Clinical Tests

The effectiveness of the method and the extender was subjected to more than one scientific study in search of evidence of the effectiveness of devices of this kind and safety confirmation.

The effectiveness of penis traction

Andromedical Laboratory initiated penis traction studies, the results of which are published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine and the American Journal of Obstetrics. The result of the tests was the conclusion about the significant effectiveness and complete absence of the negative impact of the extender on the human body.

Peyronie’s Disease

A separate study by a group of scientists on the use of extenders, including the one mentioned in the final report PROextender, Penile traction therapy and Peyronie’s disease: a state of the art review of the current literature, was published in February 2013, indicating that:

  • the use of an extender is most effective in the acute phase of Peyronie’s disease;
  • in 30% of patients, the defect was completely eliminated,
  • in 30% of patients, the curvature decreased by 25 °,
  • the use of an extender is indicated as the main and rehabilitation method.

ProExtender Benefits

Research of Effect of Penile-Extender Device in Increasing Penile Size in Men With Shortened Penis: Preliminary Results published in November 2011 the year.

The result of the tests conducted during the study is formulated in the following conclusion: “the results confirmed the effectiveness of the device in penis enlargement in two directions – from the base to the tip and in diameter. The research result also indicates the possibility of increasing the diameter of the girth of the penis using an extender. ”

4) What are the advantages of this device

PROextender Features

The use of an extender is shown as an alternative to phalloplasty and prosthetics, as it allows the non-surgical method to significantly (up to 29%) increase the length and girth of the penis.

In addition to proven effectiveness, PROextender has the following advantages:

  • lack of need for examinations and obtaining a doctor’s prescription for its use;
  • the possibility of independent choice of time and training regimen;
  • lack of risk of loss of sensitivity or harm, as well as infection of the penis;
  • an individual approach to the choice of length and tension force;
  • the irreversibility of the results in increasing the length and correcting curvature;
  • lack of need for auxiliary and rehabilitation therapy;
  • a fairly quick result (visually the effect becomes noticeable at the end of 4 weeks).

5) How to use it step by step

PROextender instruction: from assembly to result


Before use, the device must be assembled. For this:

  • remove it from the package;
  • install the rods on the thrust ring of white color and fix them;
  • adjust the length of the rods to the desired size using the set of extensions;
  • install the penis bed directly on the rod;
  • Pass the strap or loop into the corresponding holes of the penis bed and tighten so that they do not interfere with putting on the device;
  • put the extender on the penis in a non-erect state and secure it with a strap or loop.


After the device is put on, it is necessary to adjust the tension. To do this, use the notched nuts. Turn them with your thumb and forefinger into the structure until you feel enough tension. It should not cause sharp pain, the correct sensation of stretching is characterized by tingling, bordering on a slight burning sensation. In total, 3 marks of tension forces are located on the bar. It is recommended to start with a minimum load, gradually increasing it to the maximum.


The optimal start in the first week is wearing for 2 hours. At the end of 4 weeks, the duration should be increased to 4 hours and then to 6. The most optimal regimen is 6-8 hours daily with periodic short breaks every 2 hours to prevent stagnation.

Monitoring results

The scope of delivery includes a measurement table. Do not neglect it. Measure weekly to monitor time and tension to increase loads in a timely manner.

6) Monthly Results

Phased to the cherished goal

It is impossible to characterize the result with exact numbers since the process of penis enlargement is quite individual and depends on factors such as lifestyle, diet, level of physical activity, mode and way of the professional activity of the user.

The approximate results recorded during clinical testing, which include the use of PROextender daily for 6 hours, are as follows:

  • 4 weeks – estimated time – 2 hours, the measurement result – an increase of 7%;
  • 8 weeks – estimated time – 4 hours, the measurement result – an increase of 13%;
  • 12 weeks – estimated time – 6 hours, the measurement result – an increase of 16%;
  • 16 weeks – estimated time – 6 hours, the measurement result – an increase of 19%;
  • 20 weeks – estimated time – 6 hours, the measurement result – an increase of 24%;
  • 24 weeks – estimated time – 6 hours, the measurement result – an increase of 29%.

7) Frequently Asked Questions

Hot issues

Are there any side effects

No, the use of PROextender does not pose a risk to life and health.

Can I use during night sleep and at work

Since the design is large enough, it is not recommended to use it during a night’s rest, especially if sleep is not characterized by the absence of a frequent change of position.

If you want to use PROextender in public places, it is recommended to wear loose-fitting clothing or a size larger to maintain confidentiality.

When the first results become noticeable?

Usually, the first visual effect is recorded by users at the end of 4 weeks, provided that the duration of wearing the device is at least 6 hours daily.

Do I need a doctor’s prescription?

No, you can purchase PROextender yourself.

You can set the training mode yourself

Yes, when setting the tension and choosing the wearing time, you need to focus on your feelings. An important point – the duration of the workout at the end of 3 months should be at least 6 hours.

8) ProExtender customer reviews


Stanly : purchased the device on the official website and for half a year of not the most disciplined training he was able to achieve an increase of 4.5 cm, he believes that the results could be much better if he did not take significant breaks;

Udo : acquired on the recommendation of a urologist to correct curvature, already in the first month there was a noticeable decrease in the angle of inclination of 5 degrees, he was optimistic and ready to continue training;

Zack : for a long time he did not believe in the effectiveness of the method, until the measuring tape showed at the end of 8 weeks plus 3 cm, now he is definitely sure. That the whole course will go to the end;

Karl : he was able to finally defeat the congenital curvature of the penis, it took him 8 months to completely eliminate the defect, moreover, the penis increased by 4 cm, so he confidently recommends PROextender to all those who have not yet decided;

Willy : described the device’s action as a WOW effect, he used PROextender for 8 months, the result of the last measurements + 6 cm.

9) What is the advantage over vacuum devices such as Phallosan Forte or Penimaster?

Vacuum VS rod-extenders: comparison of popular models

Despite the fact that developments to improve the capabilities of extenders and increase the comfort of use do not stop and new modifications appear on the market, strap extenders manage to maintain leadership positions.

For example, in brands such as Phallosan Forte or Penimaster, the possibility of vacuum mounting the device is implemented. Instead of a strap. Which is mounted directly on the trunk under the head, traction occurs due to vacuum traction acting on the entire surface of the head of the penis. On the one hand, such devices are much lighter, and using a special strap is not only easier to hide them under clothing, but also to adjust the direction of tension.

But at the same time, their advantages are also disadvantages, since during circulation the microcirculation of the blood circulation in the head of the penis is disrupted by forced blood flow caused by vacuum. Therefore, prolonged wearing can lead to the development of hematomas, bruising, as well as to a short-term loss of sensitivity of the head.

10) Pros and Cons

Advantages and disadvantages of PROextender

Despite the fact that PROextender is a fairly popular model and many positive reviews on forums and social networks testify to this, nevertheless, it has not only advantages but also disadvantages.

The main advantages of PROextender are:

  • proven and verified effectiveness;
  • availability and ease of use;
  • minimum contact of the device with the penis;
  • individual choice of workouts and no need to visit a doctor;
  • a fairly quick result without the use of additional and auxiliary methods;
  • choice of fastening (strap or silicone loop);
  • the ability to not only increase the length but also eliminate the curvature and adjust the angle of inclination.

The disadvantages of PROextender include the following nuances:

  • the inability to use during night sleep, which is characteristic of most modifications, regardless of the type of fastening;
  • A small number of extension cords are included.