Quick Extender Pro Review. See My Results(Before/After Pictures)

Choosing the right extender for penis enlargement is a crucial task. How to make a choice while dozens of different extenders are present on the market? What is the difference? Which is the most effective and safest? Will using an extender help?

Imagine, on average, a penis extender should be worn from 4-8 hours daily – this is a huge job. I would not want to buy some useless device and spend a lot of time, effort, and money on it without the results.

Quick Facts About Quick Extender Pro:
Rank: #1
Money back: 6 months
Benefits: Double Strap Support system, medical approval, money-back guarantee, amazing comfort
Success rate: 95%
Customers: 450 000
First/max results: 30 days (6%)/180 days (36%)
Packages: Value Edition$119.93,
Deluxe Standard Edition$179.93,
Deluxe Limited Edition$349.93,
Curvature and Peyronies Edition – $179.99.
Manufacturer: Innova Tech Design(USA)
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Official store: http://quickextenderpro.com

Buying an extender can be compared to buying a new phone, if you buy an uncomfortable model, you will be tormented all the time and reproach yourself for it. Therefore, people read reviews so carefully.

Why Choose Quick Extender Pro?

QUick Extender Pro results before and after Quick Extender Pro Before and After Pictures

Same thing with extenders. I’ll immediately give you the answer to your question, which penis extender is right for you – it’s called Quick Extender Pro. And already further in the review, I will tell you why you need to choose favor of this penis enlargement device.

I spent about $ 1,000 on various devices before I bought this one, which I use today, although 9 months have already passed.

I will try to give you short answers to the questions of why this extender is worth the money and you will not lose by buying it. In my next reviews, I will tell you in detail how to use it with maximum efficiency and comfort.

So, in this review, you will learn:

  • What is the Quick Extender Pro device, and what are its features and differences from others?
  • How to use it comfortably?
  • Materials, construction, details.
  • My routine is how to put on and wear
  • Are there any side effects, and what are they?
So, Quick Extender Pro is a rod extender that offers a loop mount, not one, but two – for maximum efficiency. What does it mean?

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Most extenders have one mount – under the strap or loop. When wearing such a device, the penis can slip out of it as you bend down, move, and change position. Such movements can lead to inefficient use of the extender. When the level of tension is lost, the member slides inside the mount.

You can’t just sit still for 8 hours. Even if you are at home, the extender is worn on you and does its job. According to statistics, rod extenders are considered the most effective, but if you constantly adjust the device, check the level of tension, and think in every way that you wear it, you will simply give up this idea today or tomorrow.

Quick Note
Penis traction technology, which is used by most of the extenders, assumes a constant, systematic, growing stretching of the penis tissues, which divide and form new cells, forming the extra size of your penis. You’ll be able to see the first results in just 1 month.

An effective device will reliably fix a penis and create the correct level of tension, supported by a spring mechanism.

The Quick Extender Pro in contrast to other devices, securely holds the penis, always retains the same tension, and is exhibited at the expense of soft pads under the loop for maximum comfort.

You get the result elementarily faster(within 1-3 months) with Quick Extender Pro, you can wear it not 4-8, but 3-5 hours a day and that will be enough.

How to Use Quick Extender Pro Comfortably?

So, various soft tubes that are worn on silicone loops holding the penis help to avoid any friction and provide maximum wearing comfort. Yes, you still have to get used to the fact that you wear an extender for the first time. But after 1-2 weeks the addiction will pass and you can safely use the device without even remembering it.

In combination with the extender, there are tubes with a memory that are pleasant to the body, while we can additionally use, for example, baby powder on the penis so that it cannot slip while wearing.

You still can’t wear the penis extender for more than 2 hours, you will need to remove it, which is not a problem, take a break, and put it on again. At the same time, having adapted, you will do it very quickly.

Quick Extender Pro Instruction and Packages

Quick Extender Pro is a doctor-recommended extender that has passed all the necessary certification. All yellow parts are made of medical aluminum, all materials are hypoallergenic, reliable and of high quality.

My review: the design has a number of features. For example, in the base of the device, there are slots for 2 loops, which are located at a distance from each other. Silicone loops are inserted into them together with paragon tubes for maximum comfort.

In the best package, called Delux, you will find interchangeable silicone tubes, paragon tubes, an additional set of rods of different sizes and springs (with pressure up to 4000 mg), an air pump, as well as 3 bottles of RizerXL tablets that help strengthen the erection.

My Routine and Review – How I Put On and Wear an Extender

  1. So, first of all, you need to assemble the Quick Extender Pro device according to the instructions that come with the kit. Next, just use a powder, put the device through the ring, and fix the penis in the base by sliding it into both silicone loops. They must first be fitted with paragon tubes to avoid discomfort when worn.
  2. Next, simply attach the base with the worn member to the extender base. Of course, you need to pre-wind the rods to guess the length of the penis. Try different rods to adjust the length correctly.
  3. Next, you need to adjust the tension by turning the screws at the device’s base. You will immediately feel the tension. Make sure that it is the same on both sides. Using a minimum level of tension is recommended, as stated in the instructions.

Over time, I increased the load, and when my penis grew by 2 inches, I added the rods. In general, adjusting the Quick Extender Pro device is quite entertaining and exciting. I didn’t notice any problems, so I did not describe any side effects in this review.

I also used the pump that comes with the kit. About 15 minutes a day I was pumping out of the shower and warming up a member. The erection became stronger and I noticed that the member grows much faster if you not only stretch the member with the device.

Among other things, I also took the pills that came in my bag. This is RizerXL – they also helped strengthen erection and stamina. If you go to the gym then you take amino acids and protein working in the gym. Also here, for a better result – you need to change the load, use a pump and take dietary supplements to stimulate cell growth and improve your male sexual functions.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Buy Quick Extender Pro

At first, I was a little overdoing the time of wearing, a penis reddened a little due to overload. Further, I was already more attentive to this and I did not notice any consequences for the member, except for its growth in length and width.

I never wore the Quick Extender Pro through the pain. Yes, after an hour and a half, I realized that you need to take it off and take a break to put it on again after 1-2 hours. Those men who believe the result can be achieved by overcoming pain and discomfort do the wrong thing.

This is far from the case. Rod extenders are effective due to their rigid structure, but they need to be able to handle and control their sensations.