Useful Lovense Sex Toys Review: Lush2, Nora, Ambi, Domi, Max

Cyber ​​technology in every bedroom: Lovense – distance is no obstacle

More than 10 years ago, the brand of intimate toys Lovense was founded in Hong Kong. Since by that time the market for sex toys was quite saturated, the developers had to work hard to bring their product to a leading position.

The main feature of Lovense is the management of sensations from a distance. Moreover, it does not matter where the partner is located – in the next room or on the neighboring continent. For Lovense devices, as well as for true love, distance is not an obstacle.

1) What kind of toys does Lovense produce (lush2, Hush, Nora, max, Domi, Ambi). A brief overview of these

Review of Cybersex Sex Toys by Lovense

The main direction of Lovense is intimate toys for her and for him. Stylish design, soft streamlined shapes and black and pink colors are just the external differences between these sex toys and the variety of sex products.

The most important feature is the ability of each model to connect hearts in love, which for a long time are forced to be far from each other. This trend is not accidental. The founder of the brand Lovense at the time the brand was in a relationship at a distance. His desire to preserve his feelings and prompted to combine intimate toys and high technology in order to somehow be able to compensate for his absence near his beloved.

Lovense produces a few basic models that are designed to stimulate various erogenous zones. The main direction of the brand is the improvement of the functionality of the basic models for realistic sensations and to overcome shortcomings in the modifications released earlier.

Lush2 by Lovense review

The most popular sex toy model is Lush2. The device became a more successful release of the previous version of Lush. It is a vibrating egg for girls with a powerful vibrator that can respond to sound, vibrate to the beat of the music, or the voice of a partner.

Brief Lush2 Review

The branded anatomical shape of the egg with a beveled nose and an elongated tail resembles a male reproductive cell – sperm. Natural bends make it easy to place the toy in the vagina so that it is in maximum contact with the most erogenous zone of the female body – point G. The rich pink color and the silky surface of premium silicone make the toy even more attractive.

Vibration control is carried out either manually – by a button on the tail-antenna, or using an application that is installed on a smartphone or PC.

In comparison with the previous model, Lush2 is equipped with a quieter motor and a powerful antenna for signal retention, as well as a high-capacity battery that provides up to 3 hours of continuous operation. Lush2 is an exciting toy for maximum pleasure!

Lovense Hush Review

Hush elastic conical butt plug is a new word in anal stimulation. The ease of introduction is provided by soft bends of silicone. The spiral-shaped neck prevents the release of grease and facilitates the removal of the toy even after prolonged caresses.

The base ensures safe use and completely eliminates injuries. Deep vibrations gently massage the nerve endings, achieving orgasmic sensations.

Three vibration speeds are available. The sound of the vibration is quite quiet. You can safely use it for games in public places. No one can discover your sweet secret only if you yourself do not give out an overly pleasing look.

The toy is available in 2 sizes – small and medium. For production, purified medical silicone is used that does not contain harmful impurities.

Nora rabbit vibrator review

Lovense has already released the 6th modification of Nora, constantly improving technology. It seems that this modification is a real ideal. Pink silicone bends of the head and legs attract you to relax and sway in the waves of pleasure.

Nora Features Reviewed:

  • The device is equipped with two motors, one of which rotates the head, and the second carries out the vibration of the foot. The head is able to gently touch the point G, without leaving any girl indifferent. At the same time, the foot, vibrating, stimulates the clitoris and entry into the vagina, which is usually rarely used in traditional sex.
  • Three levels of vibration intensity and its four varieties are available. A powerful battery is able to give pleasure up to 4 hours of continuous operation.
  • The possibility of remote control allows you to lie down and move to the beat of enchanting caresses, without wasting effort and leaving your hands free.

Max by Lovense Reviews: gentle sexual discharge

For men, Lovense also tries and offers them to synchronize the Max masturbator with a partner’s sex toy. So, being at a great distance from each other, you can experience real cybersex. This is an opportunity to simultaneously fly up to Olympus of pleasure, taking pleasure in joint sensual caresses.

The standard model includes a plastic case with electronics and a silicone sleeve with a hole without gender. Optionally, you can purchase a sleeve with an imitation of the pale pink vagina.

The unique ribbed inner surface of the sleeve fits any size and provides excellent stimulation of the entire surface of the shaft of the penis. The completion of the pleasant sensations will be several levels of vibration, which you can alternate as you wish or choose standard programs.

Vand vibrator Domi – all that you used to be shy

From the first days of sales back in 2017, the Domi and vibrator quickly gained popularity. She was loved for her compactness, velvet surface, soft bending head. It seemed the possibilities of this sex toy are endless.

Compared to its peers, this model has gone far ahead in terms of power and noiselessness. Nothing should distract you from pleasures. A stable Bluetooth connection provides uninterrupted remote control. The battery provides more than 5 hours of continuous caresses.

Functionality allows you to adjust the vibration, achieving optimal rhythm and intensity. The outer surface is made of silky black silicone to the touch, which reliably protects the mechanism from moisture.

VibroPool Ambi – Perfect Sex

The main disadvantage of conventional Vibro bullets is the difficulty of fixing them in the right place during traditional sexual intercourse. But for the Ambi model, nothing is impossible. The unusual shape with streamlined lines and a convenient handle not only take care of stimulation but also facilitate the fixation of the toy both during sex with a partner and during masturbation.

Traditional pink silicone wraps around the electronics and provides them with reliable protection against moisture. The toy has several levels of vibration power and is controlled via a Bluetooth connection. You can choose to enjoy both standard modes, and arrange the alternation of vibroscale at your discretion.

The toy is completely safe to use. Thanks to the battery. It is able to pamper you with its tenderness up to 2 hours of continuous caresses.

2) How to start using

Lovense sex toys – tuned for pleasure

How to Make a choice

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, decide on the type of sex toy. For reference, use the zone that you go to stimulate. For anal caresses, a Hush model is needed, for stimulation of the vagina and clitoris Lush2, Nora, Ambi, for him – Max.

Periodically replenish your collection with new products and your sex life will be saturated with a variety of pleasant sensations. You need to read customer reviews before you buy any sex toy, including Lovense toys. It’s important to hear the testimonials to make the right choice.

Install the application and configure the connection

If the sex toy is already in front of you, then you need to configure the remote control. To do this, download the Lovense Remote application on your smartphone and establish a connection between the toy and the smartphone. This usually takes no more than 30 seconds. Now you can experiment with patterns for fun and explore the capabilities of the device.

Play in your hands, feeling the possibilities and options

Before introducing, try to try out in your hands the capabilities of your sex gadget. Feel free to click the buttons and click on the settings on your smartphone. So you can quickly understand the functionality of sex toys. Customize your script or choose from existing templates. Get ready for the most exciting moment.

Use grease

To facilitate toy insertion and safety, use Lovense branded lubricant. It will not only set you up for the motive of pleasure but also prevent tears and galling from intense caresses.

Relax and have fun

If you have completed the previous points, then you just have to surrender to your sensations, jolts, and vibrations. Let your device bring you to heavenly ecstasy.

3) Features

Lovense Signature Chips

Lovense specializes in such an innovative area as teledildonic. This is the ability to transmit realistic sensations of sexual intercourse through a two-way communication line. This direction, also called cybersex, is the most popular due to the popularity of international dating sites and webcam service.

The devices have two types of communication and control. Management may be. both manual and remote. The remote control is carried out using two channels:

  • Bluetooth connection – for games at a distance of 10 m;
  • Wi-fi connection – without borders, but in need of a stable Internet signal.

Vibration control is carried out using an application that is installed on a smartphone or PC. One of the tricks of these models is the use of devices for webcam chat service. Functionality allows you to configure the toy so that it responds to tokens – the electronic currency that the girl receives from visitors to her chat.

The good news for couples is that you can synchronize the masturbator and the vibrator-rabbit and reach a climax together, thanks to communication through the Lovense Remote proprietary application and video chat.

4) Materials

Quality materials – safety and reliability of Lovense sex toys

The brand cares about the safety of its fans, so the materials for sex toys are selected very carefully.

Silky surface

For the outer surface, purified medical silicone is used. It can be painted in deep pink or black. The manufacturer guarantees compliance with international safety standards.

Unique anatomical shape

To prevent injury from the use of toys, Lovense provides the shape of the devices with gentle elasticity and smooth lines. The use of a special proprietary water-based lubricant completely eliminates the unpleasant sensations of touching the delicate skin of your body and your favorite toy.

Electronics Features

The manufacturability of functionality and the “intellectual filling” of sex toys are completely hidden under a thick layer of silicone. She is not afraid of spray. Therefore, you can easily wash or treat with a special cleaning agent. Do not forget to do this after each use to avoid bacterial infection!

5) How to achieve maximum pleasure

The main landmark – your own feelings

Lovense is the guarantee of maximum pleasure. But to get it, try to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • choose a sex toy commensurate with your capabilities, refuse to purchase the largest size, for example, butt plugs;
  • if you are new to the field of sex toys – start with the one that is simpler, for which you do not need special tricks;
  • be sure to use a special lubricant – it will not only protect you from injuries but also extend the life of your toy;
  • Before using a sex device for the first time, prepare as you usually do before traditional sex: take a shower, turn on relaxing music;
  • expand the use of the functionality of the toy gradually, exploring the possibilities one by one.

So you can better understand what you want and get the most out of a sex device!

6) And start writing Lovense reviews (how much will fit)

 + According to Marisela , she was not immediately able to figure out the full functionality. Her delight knew no bounds when she finally managed to set up a full-fledged connection with a friend through the application. They purchased a set of toys for the couple and managed to reach a climax at the same time, which is quite rare in ordinary life. The next time her collection will be replenished only with a sweet toy from Lovense.

Sandy shared her opinion that Lovense would be nice to diversify the color scheme of goods. And add to them a proprietary collection of lubricants, because she would like a variety of tastes and aromas of lubricants.

Sasha’s enthusiasm is as stormy as her first acquaintance with Domi. According to her, this little thing, which is easy to hide in a handbag, is a great way to relax and get what you need to get from your boyfriend in everyday life for a long time.

Of the advantages of the toy for herself, the girl notes: a flexible head, several vibration levels, a delicate surface. Also, the vibrator does not slip out of the hand during games, as there is a corrugation on the handle. And the main news for those who live more than one – the toy is quite quiet. Her order was delivered very quickly, no one knew what exactly she ordered.

+ First very suspicious for toys Lovense reacted MrSecret . The guy believed that the chip “love at a distance” and “cybersex” is just another trick to empty the pocket of unsuspecting fans of sex toys. At the request of his girlfriend, he gave her Lush.

But the full functionality of this little thing was revealed to him on a business trip, when his girlfriend offered to play with her. Being hundreds of kilometers from his beloved, using the application, he was able to bring his girlfriend to the peak of pleasure, controlling the vibrations of the toy.

At the same time, he could watch his girlfriend go crazy with pleasure. He is sure that at least two more toys from Lovense he was very interested in and he thought about buying them in his collection.

By Alice denies that Lovense very pleased with her new toy, as she had earlier acquired the previous model. Now in her collection there are already three devices, but Nora is still a favorite, as the girl is delighted with double stimulation.

Valery shares his experiences, which so far he cannot afford all the models from Lovense, as this requires significant costs. But she is sure that toys are worth the money. So far, the girl has tried only Hush and Ambi.

These cute little things for her are not just toys for discharge. She uses them in the webcam service from Lovense. Among the advantages, the girl notes the reliability of communication over the Internet. For all the time there have never been a malfunction.

What she is very happy, like her clients, whom the girl allows to control the work of toys. She is very grateful to the developers for the opportunity to independently configure the video chat and its cost.

– Snow talked about his negative Max buying experience. He believes that Lovense intentionally wants to make money and not everything is so rosy, because the anatomical “pussy” does not come with the model, but is bought separately. This is mega-inconvenient. Moreover, Max is much more expensive than the same toys, which in sex shops are very large selection. He could not set up a bluetooth connection, as his smartphone constantly lost touch with the toy. Therefore, in his opinion, there can be no cybersex from Lovense, and you can use your own hand for simple discharge.

+ According to Maybe’s review, her new Nora toy is a wild delight! These gentle rotations, soft vibrations make you wriggle in sweet torments from the very first minutes. Management of this baby girl is not difficult. She was able to quickly figure out the settings through the application using video prompts. The girl had already experienced her pink secrets at home, and now she took her with her on a trip and she does not have to look for dubious connections to enjoy. Because she is certain that no guy can be so gentle.

Candy does not hide his emotions from the first Ambi experience. Such a gentle vibration that this toy has has plunged the girl into an indescribable delight. True, she could not immediately figure out the wi-fi settings and she had to seek advice. She notes the delicacy and attentiveness of the managers who helped to understand the full functionality and settings. The girl is sure that the most exciting moments with Ambi are yet to come.

Denis still cannot believe Domi is so easy to use. A soft but fairly resilient head can tilt at the right angle. The toy does not slip out of the hand, even if it is liberally lubricated. The vibration is quite silent and deep. You can configure as you want at the moment, and next time try something new. The girl is sure that the toy will not bother her for a very long time.

Saville believes that Lush2 is Lovense’s best work for girls. Now she does not have to be bored alone when her husband leaves for a long business trip. After all, after work they will find a gentle and languid evening, full of voluptuousness and intrigue.

Dilan talks in the review about his introduction to the new Hush. For her, this was the first experience of anal caresses. Since earlier beliefs and fear were an obstacle to such toys. But Hush is the best for beginners to invent. If you are still in doubt, then in vain.


+ According to Violet’s review, Rabbit-Nora helped her examine her body. Now she is confident in her sexual abilities. It remains only to find a suitable partner. To experience on it the lessons learned with Nora.

Kelly is very glad that Lovense toys are so compact and you can not part with them on vacation, as they do not take up much space and do not attract attention. He and a friend had already tested Hush and Lush2 during a joint shopping. It was a perfect thing. They barely restrained their emotions so as not to attract attention. The girl is grateful to the developers for such technologies that diversified her sexual experience with a friend.

Lois pleased the new sex toy in the Lovense collection. As a gift from her friend, she received Lush2. This pink charm is able to bring the girl to ecstasy in a matter of minutes. It is easy to insert and does not cause discomfort. The surface of the toy is round and does not interfere with anything inside. It turned out to configure the remote control the first time. The battery does not run out long enough, so with such a girlfriend a long night of love is guaranteed!

– Wendy can not restrain her indignation, as a branded lubricant is absolutely not suitable for her. Because of this, she is afraid to use Lush2 in fear of damaging the outer layer.

Crash is very pleased that an anatomical sleeve can be purchased for Max. This is a great opportunity and even more realistic. It’s like a girlfriend who never has a headache and always wet pussy. Lovense is nice to think about expanding the collection for guys.

Carol shared her review with her new toy Ambi. This is the second Lovense in her arsenal. The first was Nora. She is sure that she will surely collect the entire lineup. This cannot be done right away because Lovense is still quite expensive. But such toys are worth it. Moreover, the quality and strength of silicone significantly extend their service life. As for Ambi specifically, she really liked the fact that the bullet has a pen and does not need to be distracted during sex and look for her in bed. Sex with a guy and Ambi is the case when the third, in the form of Ambi, was not at all superfluous. While her boyfriend was gaining strength for the next “race” – she did not get bored with her toy. And the guy Carol liked to “direct” her orgasm. This is an amazing experience!

+ C are is unhappy only that Nora is far superior in tenderness to her awkward sex guy. This is such a sweet stimulation that I want more and more. Why can’t guys be so tireless?

Sloan is glad that he found a solution so as not to part with his girlfriend, since he had to leave for the shift. Before the trip, they ordered Lush2 and Max. These two toys are customizable and work together, which is very unusual and simply amazing. The managers helped to figure out the settings, since there are a lot of them. Sloan is particularly pleased that the men’s toy fits in a backpack and does not attract attention.