My SizeGenetics Review, Real Results(Before/After) with Pictures

SizeGenetics is the most famous rod extender that deserves special attention. The design of this device is the most classic. After all, it completely copies the JES Extender, which was created by the same company DanaMedic in Denmark many years ago. Read my review to learn how to increase your penis size using SIzeGenetics.

What changed? Only packages and accessories that can be used vary. SizeGenetics has extra padding under the penis, which is held with the help of silicone tubes in the loop or strap.

It’s up to you to decide which mounting method to choose, but most men prefer the strap mounts, since they are anatomically more correct, do not cause discomfort, create a softer mount. Especially if you use a soft silicone tape or patch under the strap.

What Is a Rod Extender with a Rubber Strap?

It uses a spring mechanism and rods to adjust the tension and set the length to match the length of your penis. The spring mechanism provides the necessary tension to stretch the penis. On the other hand, the member is fixed on the base with a special handle or a silicone loop. This design today, exactly like 20 years ago, shows a real result.

There are also so-called vacuum stretchers such as Phallosan Forte and Penimaster PRO. Only they create a special mechanism for fastening the head of the penis using a vacuum chamber, then belts, or even a rod mount can be used (as in Penimaster PRO).

Such extenders also work, but their action is softer, they need to be worn longer, the effect is very gentle, no redness, no pain. A lot of men appreciated them. But still, such extenders are more suitable for beginners who are afraid to use a strap mount in tandem with a spring mechanism of a rod extender. It is more effective, it is checked.

How I tried SizeGenetics. My review

I used the Phallosan Forte and Penimaster the PRO for several months. I have to say that all these membranes from Phallosan Forte are so soft and comfortable, well, just no words. But they become worthless.

In a month, I tore all condoms and membranes and ordered new ones, and then the vacuum mechanism somehow stopped qualitatively holding the penis head inside the vacuum chamber. I constantly checked the tension and it was lost, I strengthened, pulled somewhere in the toilet. But in the end, I simply abandoned the vacuum-adhesive devices.

I created a perfect penis mount using SizeGenetics. I simply processed the penis with powder, then put on the anti-slip black silicone tape that came in the bag with SizeGenetics and set the tension. Which always kept perfect. Yes, I could only wear the device for 2 hours per set. Well, then I took it off, took a break for a couple of hours and wear again.

I am inspired by the results. After a couple of months of work, I saw a penis growth of 1 inch. After that, you begin to perceive the stretching of the penis even more responsible. You understand why you are doing this.

Just imagine – I was already thinking about surgery. Yes exactly. I just can’t put up with small penis size. I also considered injections, but all this could give side effects.

Why do we need this stress, suffering and physiological problems later on? Who needs this post-operative rehabilitation, when you can stretch your penis yourself without doctors using SizeGenetics?

For 20 years, people have been doing this, using the same technology. I have 11 different devices for penis enlargement, I tried everything. Yes, some are similar, some are more convenient, others are less convenient.

I would compare SizeGenetics only with Penimaster Chome. This is also a bar-mounted extender made in Germany. It works cool, it can be used. But again, it has its advantages – nothing more. In general, this is all marketing. They haven’t come up with anything better than spring scales, rods, and a reliable strap mount.

The result is visibly faster, but you need to get used to it, you need to focus on your feelings. But there are no side effects unless you overdo it. I have described the features and benefits of the device in this SizeGenetics review.

Quick Note
You need to understand – this is a certain job, you need to prepare for it, you need to tune into it, you need to get used to it. Remember how your sex life will change, remember that the penis will remain long after applying penis traction technology.
  You will get a permanent result. It will stay with you forever. In addition to the length of the penis, you also increase the width, strengthen the erection, sexual stamina. You train a member, become stronger sexually .

Just 6 months for maximum effect – is it long? When you see the result, time passes quickly.

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My Penis Enlargement Strategy

Stretching the penis is not pumping the penis with the pump when immediately after use you see a strong erection, which then quickly subsides.

You need to tune into the fact that every day for several hours you wear an extender. Do this at a convenient time when you are not disturbed. But with this device, you can even go out and do the usual things. Just wear tight-fitting boxers and looser hats, shorts to accurately hide the presence of a device worn on the penis.

I do not think that this is a big problem. I also kept a diary right on the phone.

Did You Know?
Some device makers such as Phallosan Forte have even released their app. It helps to control the wearing time of the device, keeps a history, there are instructions.

At SizeGenetics do not exist, but you may well organize themselves, or use the app to record cases daily. Just set up reminders, keep notes. All in your hands.

What Is Important When Choosing a Rod Extender?
  • The reliable device, well-known manufacturer, quality are key points.
  • It must be without defects, the rods must be aluminum, all materials are medical.
  • The price should not exceed $ 300, so as not to overpay for the device.
  • You should always be able to buy additional accessories, replace some parts. Therefore, buying from an authorized distributor is the best solution.
  • Money-back guarantee. That’s right – manufacturers like DanaMedic provide it. The result should be or you will receive a refund for the device.
  • Quality assurance is usually needed if the device did not arrive in the condition it should be – with defects, lack of parts, etc.

Final review

So, I believe that SizeGenetics has not just become the best product on the market, it is used by hundreds of thousands of men around the world. It is the most most popular and the most talked about device on the forums. Such devices work using the medically proven penis traction technology. You can buy it on the official website –