Best Sperm Taste(Flavor) Pills, that Work for 99% of Men

Sperm taste facts, opinions and statistics

Sexual intercourse between a man and a woman is a 100% intimate sacrament, which implies maximum trust in each other.

According to statistics, only every fifth woman with pleasure and sincere desire are ready to please her man with a quality blowjob. So why do most women have no desire to give a blowjob to their men? It’s all about the smell and taste of sperm.

Not my will, a woman feels on her lips the taste of the partner’s seminal fluid even when the eruption occurs outside the oral cavity. Therefore, every man must make sure that his sperm has a pleasant taste and aroma.

Why does the taste and smell of seminal fluid depend? First of all, the products that make up his diet influence the taste and aroma of men’s sperm. For example, from spicy and salty foods, sperm becomes sugary and can cause a woman to vomit reflex, and onions can completely discourage a woman’s desire to have oral sex. Therefore, if you want the smell and taste of sperm to not repel your soul mate, we recommend eating more sweet and aromatic fruits.

Some chronic diseases are also able to change the smell and taste of sperm for the worse. The same applies to take certain medications. Note that bad habits, such as smoking, drinking alcohol and drugs, not only negatively affect sexual function, but also give the seminal fluid a disgusting taste and aroma.

How to improve sperm taste naturally?

Note that one of the most effective and effective ways to improve the taste and smell of sperm is the use of certain foods in the diet, consider the main ones:

  • Oranges, tangerines, lemons, pineapples and other citrus fruits;
  • Papaya;
  • Celery;
  • Parsley;
  • Cinnamon;
  • Nutmeg, etc.

The second tip that will help change the taste of seminal fluid is the daily consumption of sufficient water by a man. Pure and mineral-filled water cleanses the body of toxins and toxins, which negatively affect the taste of semen.

How do sperm taste improvement pills work

In modern intimate stores you can find a huge amount of means by which men and women can diversify and improve their sex life. We present to you the effective and safe nutritional supplements Yummy cum and SemEnhance, the use of which can improve the taste and aroma of sperm in a slightly short period of time.

The principle of action of these semen flavor enhancers is based on their natural composition, which includes only components of plant origin.

The current formula of drugs is aimed at increasing blood sugar and semen, which makes the taste of seminal fluid pleasant and saturated. Thanks to the action of Yummy cum and SemEnhance natural supplements, the salty taste of sperm ceases to bother a woman, instead, she only feels pleasant notes of exotic fruits on her lips.

Note that the main distinguishing characteristic of Yummy cum and SemEnhance food additives is their release form. The first version of the dietary supplement is available in the form of drops, which are absorbed by the body somewhat faster than the tablet preparations, the product of which SemEnhance belongs to.

Ingredients that help to improve semen taste

We have already said that the composition of Yummy cum and SemEnhance sperm taste supplements includes only components of plant origin, which naturally affect the body. We suggest right now to consider the list of the most important dietary supplement ingredients that are directly involved in improving the taste of seminal fluid:

  • Pineapple helps increase sugar levels in semen, making it sweeter and more aromatic;
  • Vitamin C protects the seminal fluid from oxidation processes, which in the most negative way do not affect its taste and aroma;
  • Bee pollen improves the biochemical properties of sperm;
  • Kiwi contains in its composition a large amount of natural sugar, and also has a rich aroma, which effectively eliminates the bitter taste of sperm;
  • Banana is rich in many beneficial vitamins and contains one amazing substance called bromelain. It is bromelain that increases libido and leaves a pleasant aftertaste on the lips;
  • In addition to the pleasant aroma of strawberries, the composition of the berry includes a substance called lycopene, which helps to improve sperm quality and makes sperm more active.

In the complex, all of the above ingredients have a positive effect on the male body, which is contained in the following aspects:

  • A richer sperm taste;
  • Pleasant aroma of seminal fluid;
  • Increased ejaculate volume during ejaculation;
  • Sperm motility increases, which in the most favorable way affects the reproductive health of men;
  • Both partners, with a change in sperm taste, begin to experience more powerful and intense orgasms;
  • Even more oral sex, which so excites representatives of a strong half of the population;
  • The absence of contraindications and side effects of taking the drugs.

What does medicine say about sperm taste?

Specialists in the field of modern medicine recommend that all men who want to diversify their intimate life take natural biological supplements like Yummy cum and SemEnhance. These are safe drugs that have been repeatedly tested in various laboratory tests. This fact is confirmed by many different quality certificates, the contents of which can be found on the manufacturers’ official website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Men who want to improve the quality of their intimate life regularly have questions. You can get answers to some of them right now.

How safe is taking Yummy cum and SemEnhance?

Men can be confident in the high degree of safe action of Yummy cum and SemEnhance. Sperm taste stimulants contain only natural plant components that are not able to harm human health and life. Bioadditives can be safely started to be taken from the age of 18.

How long is it to wait for the results to appear?

The main advantage of consuming Yummy cum and SemEnhance nutritional supplements is that their effects occur almost immediately. A woman may notice an improvement in the taste and smell of sperm after several receptions. However, the maximum result occurs after 7-14 days, it all depends on the physiological characteristics of the male body.

Where to buy?

In order to be sure of the effectiveness and safety of natural food additives, experts recommend buying drugs only on the official website of the manufacturer. The manufacturer guarantees its customers a positive result, otherwise it leaves the buyer the right to return the money spent.

How to improve sex life?

Taking Yummy cum and SemEnhance alone is not enough to take your sexual relationship to the next level. Therefore, now we will give basic recommendations that will be able to change intimate relationships radically:

  • More oral caresses. What does this apply not only to a woman but also to a man? In order for your sexual partner to feel relaxed, make her cunnilingus, this can liberate her;
  • Say nice words to her, be gentle and affectionate;
  • During sex, you can use additional intimate toys;
  • Try to study the Kamasutra, a change of pose will help determine the one in which both partners will receive maximum pleasure.

How does sexual life improve after taking supplements?

Thanks to the effective action of the components of natural nutritional supplements Yummy cum and SemEnhance, a man receives even more oral caresses that can bring him to a crazy orgasm. After more oral caresses appear in life, a man begins to feel a sense of desire and need, which automatically increases his self-esteem.

Therefore, if you want to quickly and safely improve the taste and aroma of seminal fluid, we recommend ordering food additives Yummy cum and SemEnhance. Thanks to the action of the active ingredients, the bitter taste of sperm can be forgotten once and for all, but the number of oral caresses will increase several times.